Friday, October 2, 2009

"IOC makes history - and humiliates Obama - as Rio de Janeiro is awarded 2016 Olympics"

Certainly is a sad day in history of American journalism when inspiration for the above graphic comes from a Blog Website (Drudge Report) AND opening Headline is quoted from a United Kingdom newspaper website (Daily Mail-where the article can be read in its entirety by going to the following link):

Mind you, this doesn't come as a shock to me because it is further evidence that the American media is 'so in bed' with this President and his Administration.

Reality of today's catastrophic event in Copenhagen for this President and his Democratic Party; Hold that pose of disbelief, because it is a definite sign of defeat, which is waiting for this entire bunch, first in 2010 and then 2012.

Big winners today: Of course Rio de Janeiro in getting a winning nod for the 2016 Olympics--next Hillary Clinton, who no doubt is salivating at the sight of Obama having his political clout legs, cut off at the knees (no doubt her 2012 political machine was set further in motion with this news from the Netherlands). And without a doubt, biggest winner today, the American people.

You might even say, by today's actions, the International Olympics Committee, indirectly could be credited with saving democracy in the the free world!

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