Monday, October 5, 2009

Next week's guest White House Visitors: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing!

Seeing pictures such as this, make this entire health care charade more laughable as days progress.

Leave it to some junior level staff adviser in this Administration to suggest such a transparently silly image. These types of political antics are so blatant in appearance of 'stacking the deck,' with such obvious willing partners in crime. Realize there are very few inventive PR men remaining on the Republican political right, but this sort of rediculous presentation screams for a similar gathering of, perhaps a thousand white lab-coated 'physicians,' who oppose this legislation!

Makes you wonder who really is a supportive medical doctor amongst this gathering and who merely came along for their own personal photo op.

Haven't seen this many active and gitty shutterbugs in one location at the White House, since a Japanese tour bus made its 3 O'clock drop!

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