Monday, October 5, 2009

Photos are not always the best way to drive home your point!!!

The AMA - American Medical Association, reportedly represents somewhere between 17 and 19% of all doctors in the United States.

However, this Administration continues to mislead the American people to wrongfully believe physicians in this country are in complete agreement with President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress on their Health reform legislation.

Truth of the matter is, they are not. It is one fact, to state an organization such as the AMA supports Health Care reform, but yet much further from the truth to suggest, by using this group as an example, that the entire American medical community if totally behind a losing Democrat movement.

Obama Holds Doctors' Summit in Effort to Promote Health Care Overhaul

Or perhaps an even better prop suggestion would have White House 'permanent props,' such as, Emanuel and Axelrod wheeling Joe Biden in on a gurney!

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