Friday, October 9, 2009

Maybe 'the fix' was in--Obama; a 50-1 long shot!


.....but in this instance, perhaps winning the Nobel Peace Prize by President Barack Obama, wasn't at all about money. Hell, he's already said he'll donate it to a yet un-named charity.

For those witnessing his appearance this morning following the announcement out of Norway, it was all a matter of reading between the lines. Those words, coupled with information contained in this Swedish online news article, leads one to speculate, if it was such a startling surprise as everyone, including the humble recipient, wanted us to believe. Per chance this reporter, whimsically may be on to something.

Swedish journalist claims Obama Nobel jackpot - The Local

Within the next few days, one should not be surprise to see news reports headlined, perhaps as follows: OBAMA NOBEL PEACE PRIZE...THE FIX WAS IN!

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