Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A message for 'Jew-hating stooges' at the United Nations

From an earlier article appearing here on November 19, 2012

    "If the issue was solely about occupied land, and its Arab brothers were truly interested in peace in that region of the world, a simple solution to ending the bloodshed would be to offer a similar land mass within its borders for a new Palestinian State." 

   If anyone wrongly believes the ongoing warring conditions between Palestinians, mainly located in an area referred to as the Gaza Strip, and Israel is about land, you would be sadly mistaken.

   According to author Max Singer, "Both the Palestinian leadership and population..prefer fighting to living peacefully with Israel, even if the settlements have been removed and there is a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem."

   With an (over) abundance of land within boundaries of the Arab Nations, why not 'donate' a comparable area of that contained in the Gaza strip for a sovereign Palestinian State, if that is what will bring about peace.


     The time has arrive to put an end to this century's old charade.  The 'useless' United Nations is well aware of what truly motivates the Arab World.  Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  expressed an opinion many consider gospel amongst his like-minded Arab nation brothers.

     It should be quite clear, even to 'Jew-hating stooges at the United Nations,' all the bloodshed and terrorism throughout the years in Israel has very little, if anything to do with land being denied to the Palestinian people, but remains as it always has been...the elimination of Jews and their Israeli state.


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