Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nancy Pelosi, please be honest with the American people ...CIA liars in 2009, or now?

     Remember, way back in the year 2009 when, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Central Intelligence Agency LIARS, when they refuted her denial of knowing anything about that agency's policy of using 'enhanced interrogation techniques?'  Nan went so far as to "accuse the CIA of "misleading the Congress" (read that, lying) by withholding information about water boarding practices.

This is the same woman--Dennis Miller once labeled her a, "BAT-SHIT CRAZY WOMAN" who now wants everyone to believe, even the lunatics outside her own cult, that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as the leader of this nation.  Have a listen to the incoherency of this empty-headed throw-back-to-the-60s, who at the time of this briefing was just two breathes away from landing in the office of President of the United States.

                                                               youtube: thebcast

      Leon Panetta, who as Director of the CIA at that time, in turn called Pelosi "a liar" in a statement contradicting her claims and reaffirmed that a declassified agency document indicating that Pelosi HAD BEEN INFORMED about the use of EITs was indeed accurate. *

     So tell us Nan....considering what you said way back then in 2009 about the CIA being a bunch of liars, why should anyone believe them, OR YOU, for that matter, now that you and your fellow Democrat misfits in Congress are working overtime (now that is a stretch) to prove Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered his intelligence community to hack the US Presidential election.  Going so far (theatrics, of course) as to label the offense as "political thuggery in support of Donald Trump."  Really.  She actually made these remarks with a straight face.  Botox injections have a way of making a 76 year old woman's face Verrry straight--repulsive, but straight).

     The Democrats are 'bleeding out.'  And make no mistake, at the very top of that bleeder's list are the Pelosis, the Harry Reids, the Joe Bidens, the Clintons (you DO remember them), and even the man who set the blood-letting in motion--Barack Hussein Obama. The list is endless, so yes, we must include all other has beens,  of an equally has been political cult; once known as the Democratic Party.

     And here is the kicker.  Based on intelligence reports from those agencies, she just a few years ago called 'out and out LIARS,' says the agency's very complex and conclusive report shows that an independent (and this is Washington double-speak for 'losers on the other side') BIPARTISAN panel should conduct an investigation.

     Here's a better idea Nan.  Now that your colleagues on the other side of the aisle are calling the shots, perhaps it is long over due for 'an investigation' into your 2009 accusations that the CIA was a bunch of LIARS

     So tell us again Nan, was the CIA LYING THEN, OR ARE THEY (and you) LYING NOW?


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