Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hollywood's pent up hatred for Donald Trump on full display

     The words they are famous for repeating, normally come from the minds of people with far greater talent.  Meryl Streep typifies a segment of real 'White Privilege' in this society.  She, and a majority of her fellow pretenders are nothing more than good readers--repeaters.

     And when left to their own devices--speaking words formulated in their own vacant minds, it's not unusual to witness a performance far less impressive than those their idolizers are accustomed to viewing on that big silver screen.

     So when Meryl Streep's obvious passionate bitterness overshadows suggested talent, people in at least half of her audience, and we are not referring to those glary-eyed understudies in this Hollywood gathering, should question their own conscience when forking over their hard earned dollars to watch her kind, peddle their political views when abusing the use of a pulpit, you and I will never have privilege to share. 

While we are on the issue of 

     A lifetime achievement award for what?
  Reading words written by other talented people? 
 Remind you of anyone?

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