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John Lewis "The Icon"-- 30 years a US Congressman reports a NEW WORTH of $10,002.00. Really?

     Liberal Democrats have a reservoir overflowing with hacks for all occasions. Ready, willing and quite able to provide lip-service solely for the purpose of advancing their own twisted agenda, always with an intended goal of misleading, or sometimes even defrauding the American people. 

     Here is a current example--We dare anyone to challenge, or criticize our 'African-American Congressman, John Lewis, a "throw back to the '60s civil rights Icon--Go ahead, we dare you...RACIST!"  This is what the 'honorable Congressman' is quoted as saying just the other day.

Congressman John Lewis (D, Georgia)

"I don't see this President-elect (Donald Trump) as a legitimate president"
         --Congressman John Lewis

     Congress 'woman' Nancy Pelosi or Senator Charles 'Chuckie' Schumer could have delivered these same worn out scripted lines as those regurgitated by Mister Lewis, but the impact of those words probably would have gone unnoticed, simply because today's narrative for Lib Democrats is RACE...but then, isn't that always the card drawn from their empty deck, when looking for widespread media impact, and inspiration for conjuring up a good old 60s style city- burning-race-riot? 

     For the past 30 years, Democrats have relied on their ace in the race hole icon John Lewis every time a verbal slap down becomes necessary for one of their unsuspecting opponents.  Incidentally, how long does Lewis get to ride this same iconic pony crap before someone finally has the fortitude to once and for all time knock that chip off his shoulder.

     Icon?  Questionable. If you'd care to meet a multitude of legitimate icons/heroes, Mister Lewis....walk into any Veterans Hospital and view some of the unsung amputee heroes who went to battle, making your freedom a reality in today's world. In a nation which returns ungrateful barnacles such as yourself, to a do-nothing-job. A $174,000 annual salaried   position which you and your colleagues spend millions of other people's dollars to secure.  And, you are supposedly guaranteed only two years in that position before being required to seek reelection.  Someone above my grade level will have to do the logical math for this unsolvable problem. 

     If the Internal Revenue Service were allowed to audit your financial dealings Mister Lewis, without their motivation being labelled 'racist,' of course, perhaps someone might get an answer to the following question.

     How does a United States Representative spend 30 years in Congress, making $174,000* (plus a multitude of perks) annually, and report a measly net worth of $10,002?  

     ---Representative Lewis has an average net worth of $10,002 as of 2014, making him one of the least wealthy members of Congress and 14th among all members from Georgia.

   Lewis' net worth was 99% less than the average member of Congress and 99% less than the average representative. When compared to the Georgia Congressional Delegation, Lewis had a net worth that was 98% less than the average.

     Must be awfully expensive traveling around the country accepting all those awards for being a 'living icon'.....Somehow you must have been overlooked when they were handing out awards to iconic people such as yourself, who have made it their mission to share with those less fortunate their wealth of knowledge, indomitable courage, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity.

     That would probably be your vacant spot, next to Boxing ICON Muhammad Ali, and directly behind Civil Rights legend, and ICON Rosa Parks, directly next to...oh my, who might that be?  Quite certain, this is the man who will be sworn in as 45th President of the United States, in only a few short days.  You should know him Mister Lewis....the man you somehow "don't see as a legitimate President."

     Rather odd, don't you think...that someone as Iconic as you would NOT be included among these great Americans, but a nobody, soon to be the LEGITIMATE President of EVERY American, would be recognized for dedication and devotion to those less fortunate, by exhibiting "indomitable courage, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity."

     But Mister Lewis, there is still this nagging question begging for an answer.  30 years at $174,000 a year, and all you have to show for all that hard work, is a net worth of $10,002?  Perhaps PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump might get some answers.  

      Donald John Trump, along with 79 other great Americans received this award on October 17, 1986...including Coretta Scott Kingwife of Civil Rights ICON Martin Luther King. ** 

     Noticeably absent from this photo of honored awardees.....Congressman John Lewis (Icon).  However, Jerry Lewis (Comedian) was among the 2011 winners. As a matter of fact, John Lewis (Icon) could not be found on any list (past or present) as recipient of this same award bestowed upon our NEW PRESIDENT--Donald John Trump.  Huh...go figure.

NOTE:   Please inform this website of any factual errors if  you, or your staff  believe we have false information, and might be misleading our readers.  We certainly do not want to be accused of reporting 'fake new.'

* 1986 Congressional annual salary $162,264 increased several times throughout the years to a current rate of $174,000.

**Ellis Island Data Base link:


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