Monday, September 28, 2009

Is something Rotten in Denmark!

U-S President Barack Obama will be the first President in this country's history to make a personal pitch for an American city to host a future Olympic event.

White House officials confirm, the President and his wife Michelle, will travel later this week to the Netherlands in an attempt to convince International Olympic officials to award the 2016 Summer Olympic games to Chicago, Illinois--USA. Perhaps a nice gesture, but one must ask if this man ever will relinquish his community organizing position in that city.

With multitudes of worldwide issues, could it not be possible for this President to assign such a sensitive task to someone such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. God knows, the woman has had less visibility than a Ray Charles narrated New Years Day Rose Bowl Parade!

Actually, this trek to Copenhagen will not be all business. According to AP reports, 'While in Denmark, Obama and his wife also will meet with Queen Margrethe and the president will meet with Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen of Denmark."

So happy you are finally meeting with Rasmussen Mister President. Here's another Rasmussen you might like to meet: Latest polling numbers on one of those important issues you've yanked from your bag of tricks....."Health Care Reform' Support for Health Care Plan Hits New Low."

Although this pollster-guy Rasmussen may not feature Frikadeller in Løgsovs on his menu, he is good at serving up numbers which someday may appeal to your appetite.

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