Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sooner or later, the well runs dry!

Some of my long-held beliefs are finally coming to pass.....' a day will come in the United States, when America's wealthy will get fed up with government and labor union antics, use their options, 'pack it in' and move on.'

(more details at this link) - Risky Business: New York Taxes the Rich at Some Peril

Oh sure, politicians have always been there to act as big brother for labor unions, which contributed millions to their re-election coffers. This partnership of 'social diseased' bedfellows always walked away patting one another on the back for a fleece job, well done! Unfortunately, when the pimp sleeps with his hooker, at the end of a sweaty fun-filled night of passion, no one gets paid.

Any logical 'thinker' will conclude, there finally comes a breaking point when even the super rich say, enough, and move on to greener pastures. In this case, wealthy individuals who historically settled in power centers such as New York, are now loading up wagons and heading for more tax friendly states around the country. Leaving behind political hacks scratching their empty heads, wondering how they will now fulfill all their outlandish campaign promises with nothing remaining, but empty pockets.

Some months ago, speaking with one of my more liberal friends, I shared these views. "States such as Florida, then and now suffering with a collapse in the housing market, would surely be beneficiary of a population increase if other states across this country continued to bleed rich taxpayers. Places like Florida are one of only a handful in this country which does not charge residents a state income tax. So naturally, it is safe haven for them, and their riches....for the time being, anyway.

But now, it goes further through the taxing chain, because many high profile states are broke--California, New York, and other loose-spending states, which for years subsidized its treasuries by imposing additional taxes on 'the rich,' are now getting a rude awakening and realizing, in a capitalistic and free society, these individuals 'still have a right' to move, both themselves and their business interests, to places which have displayed more professional fiscal responsibility.

For decades, strong labor unions called on their politician friends to pass new rules and regulations resulting in heavy tax penalties, using any imaginable heavy handed tactic, strong-arming businesses to 'pay up.' These types of leverage forced many huge corporations to move out of this country to places where they could get cheaper labor and in many cases, products of better quality. Union hogs running back to their usual political pals to repay favors could only work so many times. And even faced with stiff taxation penalties when some of these corporations threatened relocation to places like Mexico, Taiwan or so many other labor starving destinations around the globe, big businesses figured they were still better off in the end.

So, who are the losers in this out of control tax and spend game, gone wild? Most observers will agree, it is the American middle class, and some would even say, the poor. And it doesn't take very long to arrive at a logical conclusion, pointing to the obvious who is guilty for most major economic problems in this country. Your compassionate, local 'just another Joe from down the block' who accepted the challenge to go to Washington and clean up the joint! The very people who flatter themselves with being champions for 'the little guy' of this nation, are actually responsible for more pain and suffering because of their 'do gooder' actions than any other single outside force.

When approached by a citizen aspiring political position some years ago, a good friend tells me his story. This local candidate claimed how much he would do for my friend and the entire community, if only they all voted for him and sent him to Washington. As my friend continued..."I'll certainly give you my vote, but only if you will promise one thing--DO NOTHING for me, because every time a politician tells me he's going to GIVE me something, it ends up costing me more money!"

And so, all these promises you hear each day coming out of Washington for free medical care and free this and free that; is an insult to our intelligence. We know someone has to pay, because, even as the rich guy this government is trying to bleed, day after day, to give you and me something free, at the end of the day, only winners with free stuff, will be the self-serving politicians themselves...pockets full of cash and life-time pensions!

Don't fall for it, America. As the water level drops and our well gets closer to being totally dry, your friends in Washington will have only you to squeeze for whatever they can, in order to quench their insatiable thirst for personal wealth and power.

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