Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Party rule and dictatorships

One party rule in the United States of America is probably as close as we can possibly get in a Republic, qualifying us as a Dictatorship.

We're not suggesting America is about to make Cuba our 51st State, adopting a Communist/Socialist/Dictatorship form of government. But if one focuses on the bigger picture and dissects its components, and how Havana has been 'blessed' with a Dictator, controlling lives in that country for half a century, perhaps it might be easier to understand how freedom loving humans found themselves faced with this dilemma.

More importantly we have to ask ourselves as Americans whether we are truly satisfied with leadership slanted so totally to one side. Being horizontal is as close as, we as a nation, will come to 'lighting up' a Cuban cigar in this country.

Basically, one Party dominance means when a party in power creates rules and regulations for the entire populace, it's almost guaranteed, a President in that same party will make it official and said rule or regulation, as restrictive or ridiculous as it may seem to a majority of Americans, will become law of the land. ALL citizens are then subject to abide by these edicts.

These days, little attention from people in this country is focused on Cuba, and many share a belief, when Fidel Castro is totally out of the picture, you may see an uprising of people there to return the island to a democratic/republic form of government.

As mentioned previously at this site, intense and critical attention for some reason, by both our government and media, are diverted away from a larger danger in this part of the world today. That being Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez.

At first glance, one might mistake the massive demonstration photo accompanying this article as that witnessed recently in our nation's capitol by American citizens dissatisfied with it's government's current course. Closer inspection of this picture will more accurately identify the area as Caracas and a Chavez demonstration in Venezuela. A caption accompanying this photo reads, 'Opposition supporters take part in a demonstration in downtown Caracas on August 22, 2009. Many of Chavez's former supporters are turning against him.'

Just last week in Italy, Chavez had this to say about President Barack Obama,
"One can talk to him, we are nearly of the same generation, and he is a man of instinct, an intelligent man. I think he is genuinely a man with an idea, a man willing to join with other nations to change and save the world."

And this is where the problem exists for all freedom loving Americans. Obama may loath this man, but when Americans read comments such as these, from a radical dictator like Chavez, they begin to wonder, as absurd as any suggestion might be, if a link can be made between these two men. And when they begin to see, what they believe to be basic freedoms whittled away as a result of one party rule in this country, they begin to turn out in force, comparable to those in a 'banana republic' under heavy-handed ruler ship of a zealot like Hugo Chavez.

Keep your eye on developments this week at the United Nations in New York. With an American President presiding over that body for the first time in U-N history, with practically every world leader intently listening and watching, will Chavez once again embarrass 'his' people back home in Venezuela, as he did on a previous occasion when making disparaging remarks against then President, George Bush.

Predicting developments, such as this should not be difficult, if you only look at comments offered by Chavez in Italy.

The only 'whiff of sulfur' Chavez might detect won't be emanating from our current President, referring to his hateful comments likening Bush to the devil, but rather from the likes of himself and a collective gathering in that chamber of like-minded fanatics.

American citizens should never face fears of living under tyrants like Castro and Chavez. Hopefully no one in this great country will ever be plagued with these prospects. But one party, one man leadership, can eventually result in this very thing happening here.

This is why it is more important than ever before in this country's history, when Americans go to the polls they cast their vote to bring balance back in our Republic. We can not ignore our American ancestors who unselfishly made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives so we might stay free!

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