Saturday, September 19, 2009

A thief, by any other name, is still, an (alleged) thief

Fortunately we live in a country possessing a system of government with rules and regulations which give citizens arrested for committing crimes, benefit of doubt, until all evidence has been presented and only then, determination of guilt or innocence is proclaimed by a jury of peers.

However, until that proclamation is returned, and depending on nature of crimes alleged, the accused, if an arrest has been warranted, is normally allowed a privilege of posting bail and continuing a daily normal routine.

Somehow this same system does not always apply to all citizens equally. In some instances, when accusations have been made, alleging wrong-doing, and before any charges levied, a person under suspicion, continues that same daily normal routine, without restrictions.

Cases of this nature are rather normal, and little notice is usually given to an individual whose conduct is under scrutiny. Many would agree this is fair and just to this person, because only accusations have been made, therefore we allow, benefit of doubt.

Following these rules should be subject to exceptions when persons under investigation hold positions of a sensitive nature, especially when that person is someone, like a United States Congressman.

Representative Charles Rangel is currently under investigation for a variety of financial irregularities, but continues in his capacity, not only representing citizens of his New York district, but also serving on very important Congressional committees, responsible for decisions, affecting lives of each and every American.

Additional details at the following link:

YID With LID: Charlie Rangel's Scandal Revelation de jour

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