Sunday, September 13, 2009


Any doubt remaining in minds of those supporting who is waging a media war in this country need only to look at products delivered informing (a sometimes gullible) public on 'important' issues.

Saturday in Washington was the site of a massive demonstration, unlike any I've witnessed since days of protest against the Viet Nam War. (How do I know, because I was there)! However, depending on where you receive your daily briefing on 'what's happening,' you would arrive at a completely different conclusion, thanks to our news outlets, most of which are experiencing their waning days of existence. (How do I arrive at this conclusion, because I was there...working for ten years both in front and behind cameras and microphones in U-S media outlets).

While this massive show of unity was on display in Washington, D.C., many, if not most, of the usual ultr-left media outlets were focused on a pep rally-type speech being delivered in Minnesota by President Barack Obama. Content of this presentation--same tune on the same CD--only difference from those played for the past six month; different dance floor, same corralled friendly audience.

However if you depended on headlines featured in at least one U-S newspaper for an accurate account of details (New York Times), you'd walk away with an impression, there were equal volumes of attendees at both venues. Read for yourself:

New York Times (Online version: Sunday, Sep 13 2009)--

"Thousands Rally in Minnesota Behind Obama’s Call for Health Care Overhaul--While protesters assembled in Washington to oppose President Obama, an estimated 15,000 people gave him a thunderous ovation at the Target Center."

"Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government--Protesters demonstrated against the White House and Congress for what they say is an intrusion of government."

Meanwhile, across the pond, in the United Kingdom, you might get a completely different view of what really transpired in Washington, D.C. United States of America. This was the headline today, reporting on the same Washington story, but with a completely different observation

The Daily Mail (Online version: Sunday, Sep 13 2009)

*Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration

Read more:

*The Daily Mail estimates do appear overly inflated, for whatever reason, but the purpose of this writing is to illustrate just how far left our news business has leaned when giving the American public fair and honest reporting.

Pictures don't lie! See for yourself (in the above picture) and then ask, is there a political agenda being advance at newspapers, such as the New York Times and a majority of radio and television news outlets? You be your own judge!

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