Wednesday, September 16, 2009

POLITICO: House guidelines for Presidential put-downs - Glenn Thrush - House guidelines for Presidential put-downs

An emotion baited comment delivered by President Barack Obama, addressing a recent joint session of Congress provoked one opposition member to proclaim, 'you lie!' Fortunately, an always reliable rules watching peer member on the President's cheer leading squad was quick to introduce guidelines outlining what future words are acceptable and can or cannot be uttered to this emperor-like chief executive!

Reviewing this proclamation reads more like a check list the author developed following misgivings research enveloping eight years of the Clinton Administration and a prescript laid at the feet of Obama as he graces halls of Congress with his presence.

POLITICO: House guidelines for Presidential put-downs - Glenn Thrush - House guidelines for Presidential put-downs

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We bloggers, not recognized by 'a self described legitimate media,' as qualified to comment on anything, should not be required to condemn the Congressman's personal reasons for reacting, however current political correctness climate in this country, seems to make necessary a disclaimer for everything spoken or written by, even private citizens. So in the spirit of political correctness, let me make perfectly clear--"we do not condone this outburst from Congressman Wilson!"

That being said:

We also do not condone Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling our professional intelligence agency 'liars.' And American citizens who disagree with her party's policies as, 'Nazi-like.'

Nor do we condone Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referring to those same Americans as 'Evil-mongers.'

or Senators Dick Durbin, John Kerry and other Democratic Senators and Congressmen using words designed to portray our own brave fighting forces as 'killers.'

Fellow Pelosi San Francisco Congressman Pete Stark, responding to a constituients remarks eluding to prior instances of mismanagement by Congress..."Mr. Congressman, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." Only to have this classy comeback from the always arrogant Stark,
"I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg," Stark said. "It wouldn't be worth wasting the urine."

These are just snippets of disrespect displayed on a daily basis by these so-called 'public servants.' Usual words reserved for post encounter chamber whispers, today are spit directly into faces of those who supposedly reserve ownership of this country.

With exceptions of representatives like Pelosi, use of ballot boxes are voters only means to retaliate for outrageous conduct by these wanna be elites. Oh, they ARE elites, having pockets stuffed with cash acquired from labors of underlings, but totally lacking any sense of decorum which they ruthlessly demand from Republican peers and ordinary American citizens.

Pelosi is probably more immune from voter backlash because there is a segment of her constituency which perhaps might enjoy this shrew 'peeing on their leg.'

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