Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The sky is falling, the sky is falling (I think)!

Hundreds of 'chicken littles' from around the world have been dispatched to the United States this week and are currently invading New York City.

At the United Nations, their mission seems to be, saving all humanity, and mother earth herself. Further, to deliver a message alerting the world (as if the world hasn't already heard this worn out tune) of cataclysmic global climate changes threatening to choke life from every remaining man, woman and child on the surface of this planet. However, cataclysmic details and urgency's modify faster on this topic than a Madonna wardrobe adjustment, preparing for a last minute audience with the Pope!

Their message actually is two-fold--One, to again warn the world community, the sky is falling and if they do not act NOW, we will all perish if the crisis is not tackled and and reined in, which can only be accomplished by addressing message number two.

And, Number two stinks, so to speak, because in order for the world to avoid becoming burnt toast, (here comes the shake-down) the richer nations must come up with funding (and lots of it) to ah, er, and this is where smog settles in to cloud reality.

The world community has offered a variety of spokespersons acting as lip service for individual countries or continents. Personally I'll begin stock piling number 80 sun blocker when conclusive proof is presented by a partnership of expert scientist, from both sides of this debate.

Until this happens, it is imperative to totally ignore false prophets such as Al Gore and his cohorts, running rampant throughout the world, preaching a gospel of unproven truths, for no other reason than to increase their own personal riches. Fortunately, Americans are not alone with their share of loose nuts; If Prince Charles had his way, British subjects would drive all their precious autos to an Obama clunker crusher, only to be replaced by horses. Yet, not one of these hypocrites seems to be committed to making equal sacrifices. Just the opposite--they flaunt it...the noble Prince, for one, boasting a stable filled with gas guzzling vehicles.*

Most environmentally conscious individuals worldwide agree, we must strive to preserve everything enjoyed in our life time and do what is necessary to ensure that same luxury for future generations.

Contrary to what those Chicken Littles congregated in New York City have been brainwashed into believing, the United States of America, labeled as being ugly Capitalists, conceivably have done more in the past 50 years to promote environmental causes than perchance all those accusing the U-S with crimes against Mother Nature.

Bottom line is money--cold hard cash--pay for your past sins, and all will be forgiven....I think! What most of these extortionists haven't taken into consideration is, one very important fact. At least one of those 'rich' nations--The United States of America--has finally squandered its stockpile of cash and is left with an empty piggy bank.

Their quest to improve conditions for remaining polar bears, might best be served by taking a fund raising trip to the Peoples Republic of China. As largest holder of U-S debt notes, the last warning Chinese officials care to hear is, 'The Sky is falling!'

*Information at this site (http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/09/22/politics/politicalhotsheet/entry5329380.shtml) lends credence as a post script to my comments.

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