Monday, September 5, 2016

Ain't nothing to see here folks....just a mild allergy irritation...a throat tickle, or something

The Democrats are so desperate to get this obviously ill woman elected, they are pulling out all the stops to contain any medical information which might prove fatal, ooh...poor choice of words....which might mean a game-ender for their hopes of reaching the November 8th Election Day finish line.

Probably just Allergies...right?

youtube:  full video clip  Juanita Lopez

What is wrong with Hillary? 

This is actually painful to watch.
The cynical side of me says, 
"Lets get that sympathy vote."

However, the other half  says,
"Seeing is believing...this woman is very ill."

youtube: Right Side Broadcasting 

These two incidents occurred on the same day.
Left wing media has a nasty habit of not reporting actual occurrences, blaming any claims of Hillary's declining health on biased 'right wing nut jobs.'  Unfortunately, when cameras are rolling, and her medical maladies are on full display for the world to see, their continued assistance to keep her campaign afloat is like tossing a life preserver filled with holes to a drowning victim who has gone down for the third time.

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