Thursday, September 15, 2016

Will you entrust this nation's security to a person who might be physically and mentally incapable to react in a time of national emergency?

Woman in picture on the left, a few hours earlier.

youtube:  ANTI-ESQUERDA 

Same woman pictured on the right, moments after the incident featured in the next video.
(Notice her repeating the instructions
 given by her handler to "keep talking") 

     We do not question whether this is the same woman in both pictures.  Obviously we cannot offer visual proof whether the woman shown collapsing in video one, and being tossed into a van like a sack of potatoes, is actually the woman later shown walking briskly along the streets of New York City.

     What we have been questioning and will continue to do so, for the good of this nation, is....what type of people, who consider themselves Americans, would continue to perpetrate a vicious lie, for what appears to be for no other reason than to retain and control power over the innocent and trusting people of this country.

     If you are confident the person being sold to you by Democrats will keep you and your children safe in a time of national emergency.  Why not consider this woman.  


No information is available about the identity of this lovely lady, but we 
certainly wish her a very happy birthday, and our respect and congratulation
upon reaching this milestone in her life.


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