Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rocky and Apollo probably won't show up at Monday night's Presidential debate

     Many Americans expecting to see a battle to the death confrontation between Trump and Clinton in Monday night's Presidential debate should prepare themselves to accept the results as more of a bitch-slapping-contest than a Roman gladiator's blood-fest. 

     Any NASCAR fan will admit, it is not a question 'if a crash happens,' but 'when it does,' will their driver walk away from the mangled wreckage with only a few minor scratches.  Similar thinking probably applies to a professional hockey game. However, hockey fans, unlike their NASCAR cousins, expect their bladed warriors to skate away, minus front teeth, and the bloodier, the better. 

     Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's verbal sparring match on Monday probably should be compared to two trains, mistakenly placed on the same set of tracks, barrelling towards one another at break-neck speed and the only obvious conclusion is a head on collision.  A train wreck is probably the best way to describe this bizarre match up available to frustrated voters this cycle.

     Hillary Clinton's training camp is hoping she will succeed in making Donald Trump appear intolerable.  Most Hillary loving backers nod in agreement, but Trumps 'Trumpers' already admire his intolerability, and this is why they are supporting him. Besides, many political observer agree--it is much more difficult to make Donald Trump appear intolerable, when your own candidate, Hillary Clinton, is so reprehensible. Even to many of her unenthusiastic water carriers. 

     And for those of you expecting to see Rocky and Apollo enter the ring, better be prepared to settle back, close your eyes, and imagine you are watching a bare knuckled fist fight between South Parker's,  Timmy and Jimmy.

youtube:  jayden stephen 

     If called upon to advise Mrs. Bill Clinton and 'The Donald,'  we'd probably tell Hillary, 'try, as if your political life depends on it,  being anyone but yourself.'  And as for Trump--'Think what you want to think, but craft your words carefully before opening your mouth.'
      Will there be a winner?  Probably in the media, and neighborhood bars.  But in today's 'everybody gets a reward' society, even as these two walk away from their debate, raising their T-ball trophies in the air, there is little doubt the only long term losers will be the American people.   


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