Tuesday, September 13, 2016

STATE Controlled Media -- They are no longer a credible news source for America

Thank you CBS News  Commissars for confirming 
just how you and your fellow
alphabet soup Media Whores 
have your heads so deeply buried up the butts of the

From  mediaite.com

 "CBS News Edits Out Embarrassing Verbal Slip in Bill Clinton Interview"

     "When airing an interview with former president and would-be First Husband Bill Clinton, CBS News edited out a verbal slip that would have reflected poorly on his wife Hillary Clinton.

   The Mediaite article continues, 

     According to Mediaite,  "The bolded section is of course a pretty embarrassing slip-up: Clinton was about to say that
Hillary “frequently” faints or collapses, before correcting himself to say it rarely happened.

     But when the segment aired Monday night, the bolded section was edited out, cutting to a reverse shot of Rose nodding to cover up the jump."*

There was a time in the history of American television, when CBS was a major and credible American 'news gathering/reporting television network.'

     CBS is not alone when selective editing is required to cover the corrupt tracks of their partners at the Democratic National Committee.  Their cousins at the other alphabet soup mainstream media networks, AND 'lefty' print publications, have been altering and manipulating what you see, read and hear for decades.
      And now, when the stakes are so high, they are either being very sloppy in their quest to cover for their buddies at the 'jackass party,' or they most likely believe the American people have been so dumbed down, it simply is not worth the effort to cover their tracks anymore.

     Should there be any wonder why they apparently are so eager to see the internet taken out of the hands of American citizens.

* http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cbs-news-edits-out-embarrassing-verbal-slip-in-bill-clinton-interview/

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