Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elitist political Birds of a Feather?

     Snopes.com is noncommittal in their 'take' on the validity of a claim in which, the elder Bush allegedly confided in a Kennedy family member saying he would vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Presidential election. "On the other hand, "leaking" information unofficially through a friendly third party is a time-honored method in the political world of disclosing things that one cannot (or prefers not to) say directly."

     George H.W. and Barbara Bush have made no secret about their 'affectionate' relationship with Bill Clinton.  George W. Bush jokingly called Clinton 'his brother from another mother.'  And 'Ma' Bush went even further, referring to Bill as 'her adopted son.'  The senior Bush and Clinton also worked closely on humanitarian projects throughout the years since both departed the White House.

     As for the the veracity of this latest claim, whoever 'H.W' cast his vote for in this Presidential election, certainly is personal to him, and him alone.  However, if he is to be taken seriously and does cast a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, prospects of any future Bushes being elected to a national office, probably is slim to none.

     "Interestingly enough, Jeb Bush’s son is the only family member publicly backing Trump. After watching the GOP nominee disparage, dismiss and eventually defeat his father, the Texas Land Commissioner, a telegenic Latino who has made no secret of his own ambitions for higher office, fell in line behind the party’s nominee, even though he acknowledged it being a “bitter pill to swallow.”"*

* http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/bush-family-donald-trump-228446

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