Monday, November 28, 2011

'Occupiers' in training !

Gregory Porter Luke Gates and Derrik Sweeney (pictured above)

One can only imagine how this story would have been approached by the looney left American media if the main characters were card-carrying Conservatives.

The three were recently taken into custody by Egyptian authorities and charged with allegedly tossing fire bombs during ongoing civil unrest in that deteriorating part of the world. They were later unexpectedly released with very little fanfare from their fellow countrymen back here in the U-S.

I was rather amazed when Fox News actually interviewed one of these students upon his return to the United States. Actually I was probably more confused because little was reported by a majority of the main stream media outlets.

After reading the following account of this not ready for prime time trio, it is rather obvious, if they were not lobbing Molotov cocktails from their roof-top Cairo position, they'd more than likely be camped out in any of the numerous Democrat retreats, otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nancy Pelosi--She would have made a wonderful 'Dingbat' opposite Archie Bunker

Congress 'lady' Nancy Pelosi may have conned her way into becoming the first 'female' Speaker of the United States House of Representative, but anyone who actually listened to this less than professional babbler, will agree in another time and place, even the most inept Corporate human resources interviewer would have shown her the door following a brief employment interview.

Like so many past phony pseudo politicians who shamelessly staggered their way through the sacred halls of our nation's Capitol, Pelosi under normal circumstances should have been a one term (2 years) representative from her California district. By all accounts, this lame excuse for an intelligent form of life could never have been elected outside the sidelines of lunacy were it any other place in America but San Francisco, California.

Our girl Nancy came from a household of political hacks, learning the ropes from a father who preceded her in the political mud of Baltimore, Maryland. No doubt it was here and under his honing where she developed bush league skills to double-speak, but never fully mastering synchronization of a growth-stunted brain to whatever force was moving her lips.

Take for example how this living, breathing creature was only three steps away from sitting in a chair whose occupant is deemed the most powerful person in the world. A bumbling babbling buffoon who when put on the spot, even in her current capacity as, well you be the judge of whatever that is:

Lets be honest--even you liberal creatures who aren't ever capable of conjuring credible courage to face today's reality--even Archie Bunker would have considered this brain dead ding bat below his lofty moral and ethical standards....but then, if my aging memory serves me correctly--Archie Bunker was a proud card carrying Republican!

So in the end, good old Archie got sweet loveable Edith and we the American public got stuck with an unlikeable, air-headed Ding-Bat!