Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...and now, the news!

Having been a part of the 'media business' in another lifetime, its amusing to sit on the sidelines these many years later and witness how new inductees have really screwed up the process.

There was a time when, before anything which resembled news was totally scrutinized for content, truthfulness and accuracy. Looking back over the news reporting landscape for the past twenty years, it is fair to say this meadow had been totally overrun by weeds and waste. The cultivators can best be described as nothing more than pseudo-plagiarizers on a plight to distribute whatever fantasies of the day are handed to them.

What is accepted as news worthy today would have been reserved for, at best, the so-called supermarket rag papers. Switching on your TV upon awakening each morning, you are not greeted by what news happenings developed overnight, but usually a threesome of 'fluff-delivering' airheads. They titter and chuckle their way through three hours of showtime. Interspersed, you will hear an occasional story which if you truly focus, you may be able to associate its content with something which resembles what an information hungry public so desperately yearns.....NEWS!

They show up at assemblies billed as a Presidential news conference, only to mingle with like-minded robots who listen in awe as the center of attention responds to preselected members from this herd of reporters, who in another time could be described as a group of gitty high school girls listening to plans for their school prom. The hardball questions are lacking because a script has already been written and to ad lib would surely mean being banished from the cheerleading squd. With all due respect, shouldn't authorities have pulled White House credentials from Helen Thomas at least twenty years ago!

Until recently the best description used to define this bunch has been 'the drive-by media.' Under the current administration in Washington, a more accurated characterization would be 'state-run media.'

Have a good day comrade!

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