Sunday, August 15, 2010

A POS by any other name is, still a POS!

Last Afghan WikiLeaks out in 'couple of weeks'

Having been around for more than just a few years, I sometimes feel qualified to comment on a myriad of topics where normally my feet would never get wet. But as they say 'it doesn't take a rocket scientist to' make unsolicited observations. After all, this blog is based on that assumption.

So when we are deluged on a daily basis with information on a wide range of topics, it sometimes becomes difficult to sort out what is news (Lindsay Lohan going to jail) or lives of thousands lost to historic flooding in some remote location.

Under normal circumstances, Julian Assange would be categorized in the Lindsay Lohan section of newspaper gossip, but because of the treasonous nature of his existence, 15 minutes of fame will no doubt be extended, perhaps to 20. Assange, founder of a website he has dubbed Wikileaks, claims he is serving the greater masses by disseminating information, otherwise reserved by nations as Top Secret. There are those who would question motivations of Assange as being more in line with a lonely little man who craves attention, regardless of what consequences are faced by victims of his gossipy nature.

One fact remains--if that gossiping gig doesn't work out for you Julian, you could always body double for another pastie figure, Bill Maher on his hilarious television offering, or better still, there is always a role for smarmy characters in the Obama Administration.

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