Saturday, April 16, 2011

One-Term Presidents (including random thoughts)

.........with one exception

Ronald Wilson Reagan
40th President of the United States

This little offering, opining my preference for one-term presidencies should get closer national scrutiny. If it was a 4, or perhaps maybe extending it to a 5 year term, you could be certain the person claiming that coveted prize would treat it more responsibly. As it stands now, (especially with this free-loader) the attitude seems to be, 'eat as much fillet minion as you can' before being returned to live with the other serfs! I don't think there was a president in our history who abused privileges more than this parasite and his greedy family.

When I saw them moving his mother-in-law into the White House, I knew they had evolved into our 21st century 'Jeffersons.' And when he jetted off to Denver, Colorado for a symbolic bill signing shortly after assuming the presidency (rather than in the oval office), I realized we the taxpaying American citizens were in for a long expensive bumpy ride. Every time this bozo climbs the steps of Air Force One and decides to take a joy ride, it costs the American taxpayers $181,757 per hour. Do the math based on his time in office and see what this moocher has cost us. And yet the fool continues to fly from one end of the country to the other making political campaign stops, all under the guise of being for official government trivial pronouncement. Unless this embarrassment as a president is legally removed and removed fast, this country is doomed and will not be standing by the official Mayan predicted 2012 doomsday!

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