Thursday, August 18, 2011

The End Is Near....No, no, REALLY, the end end is near!


No. Really! He is just waaaay too happy and unattached to reality.

I mean, think about it. Were the Mayans off in their much talked about projected Apocalypse calendar prediction.

He is after all President of the United States, so indeed he would be privy to really, really sensitive information. You know, like maybe some out of control celestial body is at this very moment hurling its way to a destiny of death collision with Mother Earth.

Or wait, wait--here's a good one. We naysayers were probably wrong all along about that Global Warming crap and we're about to ignite into a fiery module of mushy molten stuff. Who knows, who knows I ask you. Has anyone heard a peep out of Al Gore recently. Maybe he's taken his billions, hooked up with Richard Branson and together they are passionately snuggled together, ready to blast off for some safe distant galactic, who knows where.

Maybe a place where all the other Bilderberg groupies scraped together a couple gazillion and bought their own Club Med on the other side of the Milky Way.

Hell how do I know--I'm just talkin' crazy now. But what else is a normally sane-thinking American suppose to think with all the dilly-dallying around our leader has been up to. I mean, and let's be honest (for a change, even you ultra-liberal progressive Dems), what grown man would go riding around through Martha's Vineyard on a stinkin' sissy girly bike! At least Russia's Vlad Putin puts on the tough guy act to cover his sissyness! But then, that's another issue for another day! Yeah right, listen to me, acting like we have more time!

So perhaps we should all follow our leader's lead--hell, let's just accept the fact that the Swine Flu was a legitimate pandemic, but it's deadly date was somehow also misread!

Think what you want--fry baby fry. But that's not for me. What is for me is fulfilling a life-long dream to get me one of them there fancy pink, sissy girly bikes with one of those ringy, chinky bells. See Ya!

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