Sunday, January 1, 2012

G-O-N-E in 2012--Part 2

It was a United States Polygamist marriage type of union from the get-go. As Great Britain exits, the flood gates will open in 12 and beyond, until the Euro Zone is a faint memory.

There are those who believe Sears should have left the party with Roebuck when he disagreed with questionable investments--fast forward to the 90s nuptial of Sears and K-Mart. Multiple closings of Sears and K-Mart stores will begin in 12, but in the end, the discount chain will limp along into a murky future.
Government Motors reluctantly will pull the plug on this gas-guzzling alternative. The FDA and other meddling government agencies will keep innovative life-saving drugs from dying American patients, but somehow thought it would be okay to roll out this little ball of flames before completing conclusive research. Maybe you'll see a Chevy Volt in every American garage, but until fire stations are constructed next to every home, the wise buying public will stick with their antique collector's Ford Pintos!


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