Friday, August 31, 2012

Default hopefully will result in Delete (of the Democratic Party)

     Love them--hate them--regardless of how you might feel toward 'those rich Republicans,' in my opinion this is the first convention (even including the Reagan epic) they have produced, which spotlights them as every day people, which of course they are.

     In fact, the only vitriol and hate-infused dialogue I heard throughout the course of this gathering came from the other side, or as I like to describe them, THE DARK SIDE.  Listening to the usual representatives of that tired old, sickly political institution (represented by a jackass) I finally realized that I made the correct decision, when coming of legal age to vote, and unwittingly register as a member of the Grand Old Party.  The party of Lincoln...the party of Reagan...and now, the party of Romney. 

     Repeating an earlier personal belief; by DEFAULT, too many people are registered with the Democrat Party, but are in reality 'closet Republicans.'  Good, American citizens who are registered with the Democrat party, for no other reason than to fit in with other defaults of the community.  But when they get inside that shuttered ballot booth, they vote their conscience, and not loyalty to  village skeletal demagogues.  Incidentally, there is no shame in doing the 'right thing.' 

    If you doubt this claim, try this on for size....Pennsylvania (where I was born and raised) has been a major stronghold for the Democrat party where they out-number Republicans 51-37%.  The percentages never really add up because Republicans throughout the years have filled positions in the Commonwealth's highest offices; Governor, U-S Senator, U-S House of Representatives, etc.  How could this happen--if Republicans are so heavily out-numbered by Democrats, please explain how Republicans are getting elected to these most important governing positions.  BECAUSE many of those listed amongst that 51% Democrat majority, vote as conservatives when they actually must make a choice as to who will best represent their family heritage and Christian up-bringing.

     Most do not agree with abortion, and yet they elected a President of the United States in 2008 who is probably the most liberal out-of-the-box baby butcher in our country's history.  That is correct ladies and gentleman, Obama voted for termination outside the womb--you know, something goes terribly wrong with that simple snip-snip aborting of a globular mass of unwanted amebic-like waste and the creature still survives.  So what do you do with this unwanted living mass of molecules--snip-snip and Obama's deviant wishes have been served. 

     During the Republican National Convention the public was treated to sick demonstrations by disgusting fringe groups like Code Pink--a bunch of old hags dressed up in Vagina outfits, demanding that the 'Republican party should stay out of their vaginas,' as if there was an oft-chance anyone would consider even approaching any of these grotesque shrews.

     The New Black Panthers--wielding night-sticks and intimidating Philadelphia voters during the 2008 Presidential Election.  Called to task for their illegal actions in the waning days of the Bush Administration, only to have any major charges dismissed by a corrupted Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder.  They make their presence known at the RNC by declaring their intentions to kill (white) Crackers, and their babies. 

     A montage grouping known as OWS, (Occupy Wall Street)--its genesis layed directly at the feet of Socialist, Liberal/Progressive/Fascist backers like George Soros, and other big money sources; those responsible for setting up the puppet charade now performing in the White House.  Since late Spring this rouge (dis) organization has been bussed from city to city, by their sponsors, leaving destruction, waste and huge clean-up for unsuspecting taxpayers of those unfortunate targeted communities.  One of the biggest supporters of OWS--labor unions, and that of course synonymous with the Democrat Party.

    Unions; another once-great institution, also diagnosed with cancer, but hanging in there, only by the Grace of un-Godly figures like Trumka, Hoffa and SEIU's human reject, Andy Stern.  The latter, probably the most corrupted labor organization since the days of elder Hoffa's Mafia Teamster days.  (Incidentally, that wonderful humanitarian organization was reportedly instrumental in launching our current Vice President Joe Biden onto the national scene--another reason to hate unions and the mafia, as if there is any real distinction between the two).

     Other examples are too numerous to mention, but my conclusion is that it will be those DEFAULT Democrats who will be Obama's worst enemy on November 6th.  And his land-slide defeat will be the beginning of the end for the Jackass party.  Little do these unsuspecting fools leading the Democrat Party realize, but by pushing the button to vote for Mitt Romney, the DEFAULTS are also pushing the DELETE button for the Democrat Party.  R.I.P.  (As quickly as possible, someone drive a stake in its diminished heart).

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