Saturday, February 1, 2014

Obama is coming to town in support of your re-election to the Senate....what does a loyal Liberal do?????

     In a recent editorial appearing at the Washington Times webpage, "Senators up for re-election avoid Obama."

     "You might think President Obama has come down with swine flu the way red-state Democrats are keeping a distance. When Mr. Obama flew to North Carolina State University for a job-creation photo op last week, Sen. Kay R. Hagan's  name was conspicuously absent from Air Force One’s flight manifest. Facing a tough re-election fight this fall, the freshman senator insisted she couldn’t make the day trip because she had to stay in Washington and “attend to Senate business.”
     Even the traveling press didn’t buy it. One correspondent called her excuse “the congressional equivalent of, ‘I can’t go, I have to wash my hair.’”
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     In our never ending quest to lend a hand to our beloved friends in the PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL/PINKO Democrat Party, we offer the following campaign tune for their, and your listening pleasure.

     Call us suspicious, but as election day 2014 draws nearer, many more Libs up for reelection will be on the phone to their local hair dressers.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to 'wash that man right out of your hair,' as the old Broadway tune suggests.
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