Friday, March 7, 2014

Must be an important national election on the horizon--Democrats are getting dead serious on 'little people issues'

    According to President Obama, top priorities for Congress should be increasing the minimum wage and reforming immigration.
top priorities for Congress should be increasing the minimum wage and reforming immigration.
top priorities for Congress should be increasing the minimum wage and reforming immigration.

     Criticizing his Republican foes, Vice President Joe Biden, with about as straight of a face one could expect from this rambling boob says, "They talk (Republicans) about the fact that we shouldn't be talking about income inequality," he told House Democrats. "I think it would be a sin if we didn't talk about income inequality."

     Strange as it may seem, income inequality didn't seem to share the spotlight during the first five years of the Obama Presidency.  As noted political commentator Ann Coulter points out, "Apparently increasing the minimum wage was not important for American workers during the first five years of Obama's presidency--least of all his first two years, when Democrats controlled Congress and could have passed anything. (And did!)"

Joe, for one, thought at least one of those bills was a
BIG F***ING DEAL....remember...

     When he was elected to the Senate in 1972, Biden said, "a CEO made about 25 times more than the lowest-paid employee." Now, he said, it's 240 times greater.

    ----- (When he was elected to the Senate in 1972, Joe Biden was earning an annual salary of $42,500.  When Joe Biden departed the Senate in 2008 to become Barack Obama's Democrat running mate as Vice President, good old Joe was earning $169,300 per annum).-----

     I think we get your point Joe....income inequality is a vastly critical issue to people such as yourself and Barack Obama, usually around important national elections, and especially when your party's numbers are in the toilet!

     Listening to Biden pontificate about virtues of his Democrat party, and the supposed never ending love affair the American people seem to share with the 'jackass symbol,' is more entertaining than viewing the opening night monologue of Conan O'Brien on his short-lived tour at the Tonight Show.

     According to, Biden claims, "On every major issue, the American people agree with the Democratic Party."

     Biden cited Democratic positions on the minimum wage, debt ceiling, same-sex marriage, early childhood education, infrastructure spending and "pay equity" for women. He said 90 percent of Americans support stricter background checks on gun buyers, an issue that went nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate, let alone the GOP-run House.

     "I can't think of a time when the issues that most affect the American people, most affect the middle class, overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly, they support us," Biden said.

     Contrary to Biden's claims, the desert news article concludes, "An AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll on government priorities for 2014 found that, in general, the issues Democrats cite as their strong points — including the minimum wage, unemployment benefits and immigration — aren't particularly important to people." (7 percent named the minimum wage or other wage issues. And 28 percent mentioned immigration).*

     Joe Biden believes there is no longer a Republican Party, and to a certain extent, he probably is correct. But regardless of how 'pretty' he and Barack Obama attempt to paint their own house, the Democratic party might best be described as an original masterpiece which fell prey to axe-wielding museum madmen, hellbent on destroying irreplaceable works of art with present day hideous finger paintings.


     "The Little People" are growing restless, and despite Democrat diehard rank and file refusal to accept the truth about their 'grandfather's working man's party,' coming into view, and not too far down that distant road, we most definitely will see two, or more, Tea-Party-type- movements emerge, bringing common sense back to this corrupted nation.  

And THAT, Joe....will be a


*

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