Friday, January 23, 2015

Did John Boehner suddenly 'grow a pair,' or simply demonstrating that 'two can play this game?

     Perhaps Congressman John Boehner has finally gotten the message, from many fronts, that he has been used by the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

     The current Speaker of the House of Representative, Republican Boehner, when asked by the White House to hold off on any moves surrounding further sanctions against Iran, and their continued bid to emerge as a 'nuclear power,' Boehner, instead announced his invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "to address Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life."  

     By taking this bold step, the man who is suppose to be a 'mouth-piece of the American people,' symbolically let Obama know, as representatives of every day Americans, they don't need a PEN AND A PHONE. 
   This quote from a commenter at The American Thinker arrives at a very interesting conclusion, regarding the 'boy kings' latest tizzy.

     "So Netanyahu was invited without Obama's permission and he's having a hissy fit as any narcissistic child would do, but let's be realistic, Obama invited 20 million illegals here without the permission of the Congress or the American people." --planeboy (commenter at American Thinker)**

You Tube:   USA TODAY

     Long-time readers of this blog are familiar with our many examples of Obama's apparent disdain for the Israeli Prime Minister.  One of our earliest reports focused on a comment by Netanyahu's brother-in-law leveled against the, then newly crowned Prince of the United States, and Obama's alleged feelings towards Israel.

     In 2010 Netanyahu was obviously forced to disavow himself from the blistering comments made by Hagai Ben-Artzi, his wife's brother.

     Even today, many believe those comments still sting the thin-skinned, and coddled puerile Obama.

     "I had no doubt someone who could sit 20 years with an anti-Semitic minister, who preaches  the destruction of Israel, had absorbed something," Ben-Artzi said of Reverend Jeremiah Wright once a mentor of Obama's.*

     Lets hope, Speaker Boehner will continue challenging this President until our nation once again is represented by a mature adult....someone who once again will bring respect to that unique position, and encourage the people of this nation to once again know what it feels like when someone says they are 'proud to be an American.'

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