Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Many political watchers believe, 'health issues' will probably lead to Hillary's withdrawal from Presidential race--But whose health issue are we talking about?


      Many observers, this writer included, have been predicting for months, as Hillary's poll numbers being to tumble, and as information linked to allegations of misdeeds during her tenure as Secretary of State unfold, it is just a matter of time before Mrs. Clinton might consider pulling the plug on her elusive fantasy of capturing the nomination as her party's Presidential representative in 2016.

    Some of her former unyielding supporters are now openly expressing a belief that the time for Hillary's exit is rapidly approaching.  Mary Dejevsky, in a recent article at The Guardian admiringly proclaims, "Clinton can win the Democratic nomination and make it all the way to the White House. But she would carry too much baggage to be effective."  Dejevsky admits she is a "Hillary Clinton fan. But I hope she bows out with grace."


     Mrs. Clinton's health issues while serving as Secretary of State, prompted many of us watching from the sidelines to predict that anticipated falling poll numbers, and more importantly,  a possibility of criminal charges, would force her to admit she was unable to continue due to failing health.

     Dejevsky, reflecting on Hilliary's many years of government association says,  "It is a distinguished and remarkable career, but it is now time to call it quits."

 " is now time to call it quits."

     And this is where we are thrown a curve by this pom-pom waving media groupie.....
"While the decision (to call it quits) is still hers to make.....
 She can cite personal reasons 
(concerns about 
her husband’s health
for instance)*

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