Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beginning to see a pattern here?

You might expect to hear similar words from your children when THEY are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

     These are the same 'public officials' who take a sworn oath to "uphold the laws of the United help me God."  Not really much emphasis on that 'god-thing' anymore.
     And based solely on who they are, who they know, and who they have the proverbial 'goods on,' they always seem to get a pass.  You or I would not get a pass, but instead, go directly to jail.   
     So when Attorney General Loretta Lynch got caught having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane in Phoenix this past week, if it were not for quick and accurate reporting by a local television reporter, they might have pulled off this scam without a hitch.  Or as they like to call it in Washington, DC--business as usual.
     Looking back over the years, we remember Bill Clinton going before the American people and finally admitting he lied to them--but he WAS sorry.  Hillary Clinton's mishandling of foreign affairs gets four Americans killed, including the Ambassador to Libya--blames it on an online video, but when truth be told, she was forced to face the American people and say, she WAS sorry...oh wait, that never happened, but at this point in time, 'what difference does it make.'  And now this latest snafu centering around Bill and Hillary Clinton, and by golly, there was nothing there to see.
     Because in the Clinton's World, that is simply the way the cookie crumbles.  But for what it might be worth, maybe they are sorta sorry.

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