Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Not since witnessing 'Ma Barker's 'Graisse derrière' heaved into the side of a black van, have Democrats been so worried

Remembering 9-11.
No...not the historic, important 9-11.....
THIS 9-11

     When Hillary Clinton collapsed during the 2016 9-11 Memorial Services in New York City, frantic Democrat Cultists were plunged into panic mode, fearing their prized candidate was about to 'buy the farm,' leaving them with an empty field of novice repulsive vote harvesters. (Admittedly, no one could orchestrate 'repulsive vote harvesting' better than Hillary, and her cache of fiendish subversives).

     With recent news of Supreme Court 'Lefty' Justice, Ruth Ginsburg dealing with her own medical issues, and the inevitable.....fidgety fringe freaks are once again prepared to voluntarily insert their heads into a noxious gas oven, and end it all.  Not really, because these people are too cowardly to take their own lives in the name of promoting their own twisted political dogma. 

     More information can be found at the following link:

     So, are ghouls on the left really more concerned about Ruthie's health and well being, or are they asking if she is willing to "eat more kale, to prolong the inevitability of biting the dust?"

Another weekend at Bernie's Ruthie's?

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