Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Oprah says in the age of Trump that she could run for the White House despite being unqualified for the job" -- UK Daily Mail

~~As a Nation, we need time to heal~~

Following eight agonizing years of
Barack Hussein Obama,
someone should tell Oprah...
at this point in time,
Americans are not prepared to elect
another 'Black Man Liberal' as POTUS.

       Fading Democrats, Liberal media outlets (but, now I'm repeating myself), pony-tailed Ivy League University professors and unbalanced Hollywood freaks simply do not 'get it.'  

     The reason Donald Trump won the hearts and minds of Americans, is because he championed all topics, sullied and diseased by these challenged groups of misfits, and assured them he would turn the country around, and begin rebuilding a future for their children, and beyond.

     If someone such as billionaire Oprah Winfrey actually believes her self-serving presence before a TV audience for the past few decades will catapult her into the White House.  All we can say at this point is....You go Girl.

You Tube: myjunkshared 

     Those who maintain the idea of media saturation by a television 'celebrity' having a direct  (or any) influence on those who will ultimately vote for a political candidate to represent their nation, have it all wrong.

     Donald Trump did not win the Presidency of the United States because he hosted a (I'm told) popular TV show, The Apprentice.  Truth be told, "Self-reported viewership of The Apprentice shows very little relationship to Trump's job rating in business.  The difference between people who have never seen the show (this writer included), regularly watch it, occasionally watch it, are modest." **

    Sorry 'Libs.'  Oprah is NO Donald Trump. And if Conservatives have an opportunity to employ your dirty election tactics....The Queen (title to be defined in so many different ways) of daytime TV has more skeletons in her closet than Donald Trump could ever own.  Who knows, 'Stedman' might finally grow a pair, and write a tell-all book about his 30 year friendship with media partner Oprah.  That should be a book, like no other, maybe even huckstered as book club best, by the world's greatest snake oil saleswoman of our time.


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