Saturday, May 20, 2017

Will Mueller's investigation find a 'blue-stained dress?'

     Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed to be a 'special counsel' to oversee an investigation into alleged (so-called) Russian interference in the 2016  US Presidential election, and the possibility of collusion between Russia and President Trump's Campaign.

     Unhinged leftist looneys have been clamoring for Trump's scalp since day one of his unexpected victory over their anointed candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Most sane American citizens expected these Utopian dreamers to dismount their Unicorns, and   eventually return to their normal silliness once Trump settled in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that unfortunately has not materialized.

     In fact, quite the opposite has occurred, with demonstrations and instances of civil disobedience leading us to where we are today.  The appointment of Mueller has not satisfied them.  Even more outrageous, crazier than usual behavior by an entire Leftist Media war machine

     Unfortunately for these nearsighted naysayers, they may not like where Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation might lead.  Probably the most famous example is Special Prosecutor Ken Starr's 1994 Whitewater investigation.

     According to this account at USA Today, "In 1994, Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Robert Friske Special Counsel to look into a failed 1978 real estate deal involving Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons formed the Whitewater Development Corporation with their partners James and Susan McDougal to buy 220 acres of land in Arkansas.  When the Ethics in Government Act was renewed, a three judge panel replaced Fiske with Kenneth Starr.  The McDougals were eventually convicted of fraud.  While the Clintons never were charged, Starr's investigation led to the revelation of the President's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  The House IMPEACHED (our emphasis) Clinton for lying under oath about the affair." *

     During this entire attempt by extremist left wing publications such as The New York Times and Washington Post to smear President Donald Trump, they have been very successful in directing the American public's attention away from numerous alleged illegal deeds committed by those bent on getting their darling, Hillary Clinton into the White House.

     Probably the most shameful cover up by mainstream media is the senseless murder of  27 year old Hillary Clinton campaign staffer, Seth Rich.  Brutally shot dead in the streets of Washington, D.C., allegedly by a would be punk robber, however there was no indication of anything removed from the body of Rich.  Rich reportedly had information indicating a scam by the Democratic National Committee to steal the Primary election away from Senator Bernie Sanders, and assure Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party's CULT's nomination.

     This is a major news story, however in our opinion, and many other objective observers, the mainstream media is obsessed with bringing down, and destroying Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States.

     If Seth Rich did indeed provide DNC internal emails to Wikileaks, it would completely destroy the Left's narrative that the Russians had interfered with our Presidential election. Perhaps we might even learn that the entire Russian interference was a total fabrication, created by a disgruntled Hillary Clinton and her jilted campaign lackeys.  

     The murder of Seth Rich could be the 'blue-stained dress' moment many of us have been patiently anticipating.  Maybe the Mueller investigative team might finally begin looking at the real reason for Hillary Clinton's defeat. And maybe then we might finally get some answers to what very well could be a deliberate unanswered question:

  What is that old saying...BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

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