Monday, December 14, 2009

This is what happens when Government 'takes over' a former giant Capitalist corporation

Remember this light-hearted television commercial popularized a couple of decades ago, poking fun at archaic 'backward ways' of (insert snickering here) the Soviet Union:

Of course the sales pitch in this ad was for Wendy's hamburgers, but the underlying social message was how behind the times Soviets were in, not only flipping hamburgers, but also catching up to the free world in everything considered....well....twentieth century!

The commercial's content could also be interpreted as what happens when Socialism attempts to copy Capitalism in a society so desperately trying to convince it's citizens life was no better in America. Sort of a 'look.... see, we are also up on the latest fashion trends and technology. So stop your whining!

Sad truth of the matter is, twenty-some years later, here in the United States of America we are witnessing 'reality imitating art,' with the current Chrysler 300m, automobile television commercial. (When this car was introduced, my description of the 'luxury' car was "it looks like a tank")! How intuitive was that statement, considering the behemoth crashing through a brick wall in this ad:

VIDEO: Chrysler ad gets political, advocates for release of Myanmar Nobel Peace Prize Laureate — Autoblog

So with the advent of this 'entertaining' television commercial, what can the viewing American public expect to see next, during what might be their allotted hours of freedom under our current emerging socialist system?

Rather than seeing a typical American family of four whizzing along in their shiny new U-S made convertible, somewhere along this beautiful country's coastline, we are now subjected to several has-been world political figures emerging from a piece of, soon to be cash for clunker material, government made garbage, somewhere in Europe.

And our new message, under guise of selling new cars (?) is to free some, who the hell even ever heard of imprisoned Nobel Laureate--obviously a new-found comrade of Barack Obama--Norways most recent darling-boy, honored recipient of what was, at one time, a coveted award. Until they marginalized it's significance by doling it out to light weights, such as Jimmy Carter and Al Gore.

This Chrysler commercial might be looked upon as supporting a wonderful humanitarian cause, if it were not for the fact we currently have three young American citizens in custody, and facing illegal prosecution by a rogue Iranian government.

Hey comrade Obama--how about using your tremendous political clout to free a few Americans and then we can concentrate on that Burmese captive Aung San Suu Kyi.

Hell, this could very well be fodder for a new Chrysler commercial--Obama behind the wheel of a brand spanking new Chrysler 300m--three former American captive kids, wind blowing through their hair, swigging beer in the back seat of that behemoth Chrysler, crashing through a brick wall, returning to freedom (?) in the good old U-S of A.

All that political campaign rhetoric about hope and change, must have at least even some former Democrats asking, "WHERE'S THE BEEF!!!!"

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