Thursday, December 10, 2009

White House gatecrashers: US secret service chief takes the blame for breach | World news |

Director Mark Sullivan appears to be taking lessons from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs when explaining away criticism of this Administration's ineptitude.

Sullivan says his secret service agents assigned security duties at this State Dinner were remiss in their duties by allowing 'uninvited guests' to proceed into the White House inner sanctum, despite their names not appearing on the official guest list.


If Sullivan feels obligated to lie through his teeth in order to save his own skin, he should, at the very least, have the decency to not drag his underlings through the mud in order to reach that end. He 'talks through both sides of his mouth,' saying first;

'secret service agents should not have let the couple through the door, because they were not on the invitation list. "This is our fault and our fault alone," he said. "Look at me and blame me."

Very commendable of you to take the blame for this snafu Sullivan, but while speaking to the 'left' with that statement you swiftly take actions to apparently appease 'the right;'

He put the security breach down to an unspecified failure to follow procedures, and said the agents at fault had been put on paid leave and might be sacked

Huge contradiction here Mister Director. If you are indeed 'to blame,' why then would you be considering a move to 'have them sacked?' Seems to me if you, by your own admission are to blame, you should be sacked, or maybe even fall on the sword, as other department heads have already done in the short life of this Administration. (For example, Louis Caldera, following the Air Force One 'strafing' of Manhattan in April).

Secret Service Agents are carved from the same block, which have seen fellow comrades take bullets for Presidents, or anyone else placed under their watchful eye.

And yet you expect a gullible public to believe agents standing guard and granting admission to a White House function would merely say, 'come on in,' if their names are not included on a guest list.

Again, BULLS*IT!

I, and millions of ordinary American citizens are subjected to weapons monitoring and physical 'pat-down' before climbing aboard any commercial airline. Silver-haired 80 year old women are literally forced to strip to their unmentionables....4 year old kids are 'wanded' at the slightest chirp from TSA detectors.

And you want us to 'buy' this frail explanation for a major security breach at the White House. Probably one of the most heavily guarded building in our government. BULLS*IT!

Read the entire article here, and be sure to wear protective footwear because 'IT' will really be piled high!

White House gatecrashers: US secret service chief takes the blame for breach | World news |

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