Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A question of accountability--be careful what you say

On Labor Day in the U-S-A, this man--James Hoffa-- said "Lets take out the Son-of-a-bitches,' spewing his hateful, vomit-smeared statement at members of the so-called Tea-Party. Later, when asked if he cared to retract those words, he literally embellished on the earlier rant.

You or I could not use such vitriolic language referencing this man, or other prominent Americans without fear of perhaps the FBI or Secret Service agents knocking at our doors. Understandably Junior Hoffa didn't fall too far from the tree, because--unless you've been living on another planet for the past few decades--he is the son of this son of a bitch, or probably more appropriately, this bastard:

That's Junior's daddy, Jimmy--a like-minded mafia thug--who, like most good wise-guys met a terrible fate....most likely a greasy mound of ground meat, appropriately deposited on the filthy floor of a Michigan slaughter house. Now there's something to shoot for Junior--with any luck, you could follow in your daddy's foot steps.

While we're at it, maybe we should 'take out these son of a bitches' too:Andy Stern--former leader of SEIU

Richard Trumka--President AFL-CIO

What the hell ever happened to civility, called for by a special crony of these men, Barack Obama?

Remember, if you are a common ordinary citizen of these United States, you'd best be careful what you say. As for these Son of a bitches, they'll just go about their business, unchallenged when spreading their brand of racism--oh, forgot, they are associated, or perhaps in charge of the Democrat Party, so they are above being labeled racist. Oh screw it--son of a bitches!

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