Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another reason to tell Hollywood's film makers to GO TO HELL!!!

This pretty woman is Emmy Award Winning actress
Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton is probably best known for her award winning performances in the wildly popular hit television program Everybody Loves Raymond.  Heaton could be considered a 'rare-bird' as an out-in-the-open Conservative in that otherwise cesspool town, Hollywood.  Naturally she has come under unwarranted attack from Liberals, for no other reason than taking an ideological stance, contrary to a vast majority in Tinseltown.


This is an equally pretty woman,
and Academy Award recipient from an earlier generation,
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is a life-long off-the-scale-political activist, linked at the hip to left wing-radical organizations, including her support for the Original Black Panthers, back in the 70s. Far too many to highlight here,  however she did not receive the nick name Hanoi Jane for sitting at home, hand molding clay images of Ho Chi Minh! In fact, during the 1960s,  Fonda's visits to France "brought her into contact with leftist French intellectuals who were opposed to war, an experience that she later characterized as "small-c communism".*


This is the wife of former President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan--First Lady Nancy Reagan

Conservatives in America probably have no other leader of and for their cause, elevated to a loftier position than our 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan. 

So the time comes when some, no doubt brilliant producer decides to make a movie which features Nancy Reagan as one of his film's characters.  He selects Jane Fonda to be featured in that role, trying to justify his selection based on the 'uncanny' resemblance between these two woman.  No offense Mister Producer, but you are a bold faced liar.  One would have to assume, Patricia Heaton must have been unavailable.  Admit it; your choice was nothing more than another, in the many, slaps in the face to Conservatives, by selecting an actress like the traitorous Jane Fonda, to portray someone as beloved to millions, as Nancy Reagan.

This is not an isolated occurrence.  Think, Meryl Streep, another ultra-liberal Hollywood malignancy,  starring in that Hollywood blockbuster about Britain's Iron Lady, and another beloved Conservative idol, Margaret Thatcher.   No offense to (the Pig) but put lip stick on it, and a little cake make-up, and you can even make Meryl Streep look like Margaret Thatcher, or anyone else for that matter.

Meryl Streep portraying Margaret Thatcher

Fortunately Hollywood is literally overrun with talented and gifted professional make-up artists.  So in the event Fonda is not available for promotional events connected to this production, word is that the casting office for the Butler has another liberal stand-in waiting in the wings to characterize Nancy Reagan: 

It is actually 'spooky,' isn't it--the resemblance of this Liberal woman to Nancy Reagan is unbelievably 'uncanny.'  Brilliant!!!!

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