Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sandra Fluke can't afford to pay for her own contraceptives, and now this woman can't shell out 10 bucks a month for a Cell Phone!

     Many of you may have witnessed that 'low-life, Obama supporting *hag,' bragging about the FREE CELL PHONE she has, and all 'thanks to the generosity of Barack Hussein Obama. 
                                                          Actually, Mister 'loose with your dollars,' Obama has absolutely nothing to do with this 'crow' sticking her hands in your pocket and lifting whatever might be left of your meager stash!

If you look at your next/current phone bill/statement, you will see a 'charge' described as "Universal Connectivity Fee (Universal Service Fund).  Fortunately the good people at the phone company are good enough to provide us with an explanation of this additional charge tagged on as our contribution, which at the end of the day,  is actually a reflection of THEIR charitable generosity.
"Because telephones provide a vital link to emergency services, to government services and to surrounding communities, it has been our nation’s policy to promote telephone service to all households since this service began in the 1930s. The USF helps to make phone service affordable and available to all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high, schools and libraries and rural health care providers."

     If you are anything like me, the aforementioned explanation for digging into my pockets for more loose change is total 'Bulls*it!
Just another way of elaborating on Barack Obama's philosophy of 'spreading the wealth around.'  Unfortunately, in this case they are indeed 'robbing the already overburdened poor-to-middle-class, in order to give to the already overly compensated parasites among us, who do absolutely nothing productive as their contribution for living in this country.

     But wait, (as they say in those late night infomercials), there's more:
"Congress has mandated that all telephone companies providing interstate service must contribute to the USF. Although not required to do so by the government, many carriers choose to pass their contribution costs on to their customers in the form of a line item, often called the “Federal Universal Service Fee” or “Universal Connectivity Fee”.

     Unless I am reading this last paragraph incorrectly, wouldn't any rational   thinking person interpret this to mean, 'the government is ordering the phone company to provide FREE communication services to the poor and under-privileged, but the Phone Company is passing that charge onto all its PAYING customers.  You are left with the impression, not all phone companies actually pass this fee along to their customers, but rather provide the service at their own expense.  'Many carriers CHOOSE to pass THEIR contributions costs on to THEIR customers in the form of a line item.'

     Seems to me, according to the way this is written, you and I, being THEIR customers, SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPT OUT OF CHOOSING to contribute to something THEY have been ordered to pay.

     So you see Joe (the plumber), this is just another clandestine method Barack Obama and his hoods have conceived to SPREAD YOUR WEALTH AROUND!

*Do any of you believe I'm being a bit harsh by labeling this woman, a 'low-life Obama supporting hag?'  She certainly appears to be receiving proper nutrition--slightly on the plump side, but very healthy in appearance.  Don't see any patches on that spiffy blue wind breaker, so she might have been an early arriver at the community clothes drive.  And by golly, she comes across as a down-right fun-loving person, so what the heck...don't we all feel better now!  Damn, I'm beginning to sound like a Liberal!!!!!!!!

Does anyone think, Robert Byrd ever thought of himself as a RACIST?

Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this

* Think the brave men and women serving this country in all corners of this planet. Each and every day, there are comrades among their ranks, who without question make the ultimate sacrifice to keep stability in this world and maintain peace and freedom for their fellow citizens back home.  They come in all colors, sizes and gender.  To them, on the battle field, they are all one and the same.  Meanwhile, back home:
 ** Think those who seek to divide, by using whatever devices necessary to drive a wedge between brother and sister Americans.  During this latest Presidential campaign they have revived a time tested Democrat Party technique for bringing about division; RACE.  Anyone without the word Liberal stamped on their ass, in their opinion is a George Wallace RACIST--sorry, Wallace was a Democrat.  Try the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd--sorry, Byrd also was a Democrat and proud card carrying member of the KKK.  But then, by pointing these facts out to you, suppose I'm actually removing my mask and showing how RACIST I can be.
      Learning to fight fire with fire is a most effective way of dealing with Liberals.
     They play a dangerous game with their Ouji Board mentality, methodically sliding a game piece, hovering over a series of letters and numbers, until by some mystical power they have learned to use 'the force' to spell words labeling an entire segment of our population as Racists.
     Strange as it may seem, most of these aspiring transcendental gurus, fail to recognize looking into what the future reflects is most often a two way mirror.  And ironically, the person they do not detect or see on the other side, is in a better position to observe, not one with 'the force,' but more likely a weak individual, lacking control, not only of the game he purports to have mastered so effectively, but more importantly failing to comprehend his own inability to hide what he wrongly accuses others of being.
     Liberals effectively use the issue of race to promote their own agendas, by keeping minorities 'in their place.'  They buy loyalty with any number of social programs.  Just as the Indians sold Manhattan for a few bucks, under privileged blacks and other minority groups are bought off with a cheap, no doubt made in China, $10 cell phone.
     Ultimately, that is what our freedom is now worth--a lousy technological piece of Chinese made junk.  But why not; how appropriate--they buy our debt and sell back to us the fruits of that country's slave labor force.  
     Liberals would have it no other way.  And 'the way' to them, obviously is that mythical land Barack Obama and his other con artist friends in the Democratic Party, have waiting for their many bought and paid for subservient brain washed devotees!
     All things considered, Liberals eventually lose.  When all's said and done, recipients of  'their generosity' realize the phone was crap, and incidentally, who's gonna be around to give me a new battery when this one goes dead!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Piss off a Liberal--go see "Won't Back Down"

     These days very few things catch my attention quicker than the slightest mention or notice of anything which pisses off Liberals.

     Such is the case with a newly released movie entitled "Won't Back Down."

     According to the film's producers, the storyline is about "Two determined mothers­, one a teacher, look to transform their children's failing inner city school. Facing a powerful and entrenched bureaucracy, they risk everything to make a difference in the education and future of their children."

     It should come as no surprise, this movie is being trashed by Liberal critics, labeling it 'Conservative propaganda.'  Take for example, Times Mary Polis, who claims viewing this movie made her 'annoyed.' “the characterizations of the union bosses are absurd,” and one bad teacher is “so broadly sketched” she half expected the director to “cut to her pulling out a vibrator, just to bring it to full parody, Bad Teacher style.”  Nothing says pompous and pretentious more than present day venomous words from a Liberal, so-called professional media figure. 

     Another of her colleagues says, "the film has a "pernicious propagandistic bias” that is “irritating and misleading.”  

     No sir.  What is 'irritating and misleading,' and also 'annoying,' I might add, is the sad fact that we no longer have film critics who view a movie and report back without political bias riding piggy back!  If the movie shed only brilliant rays of light on teachers, and the Unions who represent them, Polis and her cohorts would be echoing from the highest mounts, what a master piece this work is and how its message will contribute to betterment of education in our schools, rather than sitting in a bar somewhere in the Bronx, half-drunkenly sketching plans for their Local's next work stoppage. 

     Critics and Hollywood producers are so blind.  They keep recycling the same special effect crap, geared to your 13 year old son's imagination. 
How many times can you blow up buildings and beat up on old people, before it 'becomes so yesterday!'  Hey A'holes!  There actually is a market out there for grown-up type films which cater to the intellectual spirit of a large portion of our society.

     Lack of these products over the past 20 or so years, is actually why I personally refused to spend one dime on the trash being released from the left coast.  Actually it took another low-budge movie to stimulate my return to the flick house, "2012: Obama's America."  Fortunately I won't be waiting 20 years to see another movie, thanks to the release of "Won't Back Down."

     Quite honestly, I don't care if the movie sucks--just so long as it pisses off Liberals....I'm there!

Friday, September 28, 2012

America's weirdos will be lost without 'their leader,' now in Washington

Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this
*Think people; Donald Trump--been kinda quiet lately. Trump is probably accustomed to being called a variety of unflattering names throughout his professional life.  But when left-wingers try to make this guy out to be some sort of a kook, primarily because he made the unholy mistake of asking Barack Obama to come clean with Americans and provide the many documents, this President, unlike others before him, has chosen to seal and surround with a shield, barring anyone to view.  These actions by the President have only added to conspiracy theorist charging more emphatically that he is not who he makes out to be and therefore, is adding credence to their suspicions.  Trump has elected to throw his support behind Mitt Romney, and in doing so, made comments paralleling those riding the conspiracy wagons into town.
     Personally, I am not a fan of Donald Trump, however one must respect what this man has accomplished.  And when you have two bit politicians and wanna-be Hollywood celebrities calling him vulgar names for 'choosing sides,' well.  I live by the old credo--it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, and you surely don't tug on Superman's cape, especially when his pockets are filled with unlimited gold coins, available to finance behind the scenes investigations into that man, harboring all those secrets.
**Think groups; my current favorite, The New Black Panther Party (just any mention of that 'wimpy' name and it sends a cold shiver up my spine--NOT)! If 
 there ever was a bigger bunch of 'panty-waist-sissies,' I'm still searching. The most intimidating display these cowards were able to manage,  was their big-time appearance in front of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008.  Nothing scares 'little old granny-type white ladies  more more than two black guys wearing berets, sporting Captain Marvel outfits and slapping night sticks into their palms.  Although, I will admit, they probably advanced to be TSA agents at Philadelphia International Airport, following the "Get the Brother Obama elected gig!"
     Seriously, demonstrations by groups such as the Panthers, ACORN and, of course, what rant would be complete without including the ladies dressed in pink vagina body suits, do nothing more than strengthen the resolve of those on the Right, if for no other reason than to bring some decency back to our great country.  The trash out of Hollywood, and the freaks 'occupying Wall Street,' are all the more reason for good, honest, patriotic Americans to get to the polls, elect an adult in the form of Mitt Romney and put and end to this daily charade by meddling nonconformists and weirdos!

Free 'Obama cell phones;' Big price to pay to carry those heavy chains for 4 more years!

Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this


*Think groups, like Tea Party--been kinda quiet lately. (Beware of what 'goes on behind the scene)'  You want these guys on your side.

**Think groups, like OWS (Occupy Wall Street)--always vocally incoherent, unpredictable and also a danger to its silent sponsors, The Democratic Party. Get as far away as possible from this band of rogues

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Upon initially hearing the audio of this, now viral You Tube video of an Obama supporter proclaiming her dedication to the candidate and pledging her precious vote for him, I thought it was a joke; a Saturday Night Live clip.
Later today it actually appeared on several sites I frequent and when this woman's reason for loving and wanting Obama back in the White House was revealed, oh well you listen:

Fortunately she did elaborate on her reasons for NOT voting for Romney.  I believe the specific reason she shared was, something like,

When I think of all the multitudes of precious humans who sacrificed in so many ways to make this country free and gave this woman the right to vote, thereby selecting a person to represent our nation and defend our freedoms, it really reduces any citizen who loves this country virtually to tears.

Is there anyone who can now disagree--FORGET VOTER ID LAWS:

(from its own citizens)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shameful--all those political pollsters in Obama's corner, and this happens....

September 26, 2012

Blame copyright infringement, unstable network equalizers, or just a pissed off pic originator--WHATEVER--Originally there was a picture in this section, showing thousands of Romney supporters jammed into an auditorium in Toledo, Ohio on September 26, 2012.
Sorry if you have to use your imagination, however, for your current viewing pleasure, here is a really cool photo I snapped while traversing the streets of London in 2007.  At the time, I envisioned it to be a future campaign visual, so here it is:
Below is an enlargement of that building street sign

Deception--A more appropriate Obama motto

Don't believe all those daily polls showing Barack Obama trouncing Mitt Romney
by unimaginable margins.
So-called Poll takers? One should ask, are
Leftist hack organizations operating under the guise
of legitimate neutral inquisitors, injecting its political ideology into crafting the outcome of a national election?
  We are asked to believe polling 'companies,' staffed by mostly brainwashed children of Liberal institutions of higher education,  are seriously expected to offer up an impartially
researched political public opinion poll.

Skewed polls, untrustworthy media, and anything or anyone corruptible--a winning motto of Democrats and their disfigured reelection tactics.

Perfect example represented by this blaring headline at

* MacIver (news service): Military Voters in Wisconsin Told to Submit Ballots a Week After Deadline

It is an old strategy employed by many a campaign in election's past, however its effectiveness is usually reserved for uninformed robotic voters with a Big "D" appearing before their name.  In this instance, if the so-called error had not been corrected, perhaps hundreds/thousands of would be voter's submissions would have been voided.

Obama's campaign slogan should no longer be touted as 

Not everyone wants to know, THE TRUTH


Corrupt News media
Left Wing manipulated Poll results
all of Hollywood Celebrity Big Dollar Extravaganzas
even, shivers up one's leg
cannot deny this

Citizens from all corners of the political spectrum,  who believed in Barack Obama, a fellow American, and wanted to be a part of history, making a black man the first President of the United States, are those most disappointed by the man they believed in, and entrusted to bring about 'hope and change.'
Let them tell you, in their own words why this time they truly will vote, not FOR Barack Obama, but against him, for not working to bring about those changes he promised for ALL Americans, and not only those he views as just another vote, insuring his reelection: *

*Ending Spending Action Fund production

Jeffery, take your faded Obama posters and get out of Mom's basement!

     If you are a resident of Florida, or any other part of the country with an elderly population, you probably can repeat, word for word, this radio ad blasting Romney and Paul Ryan for their solutions to Medicare problems.

     In this S.E.I.U sponsored commercial, a stereo-typed 'granny,' phones her son Jeffery, asking about Republican's 'plan to end' Medicare.  Poor mom--she's so confused, she is forced to call her son Jeffery for his advice--(actually I'm confused; Jeffery no doubt still lives in mom's basement; why not just quiz junior when delivering his morning Cheerios).
      Every so-called senior citizen should be totally insulted by these and other demeaning scare tactics employed by Democrats and their surrogates.  Judge for yourself:

Man:  Hello?
Mom:  Jeffrey, it’s your mother.
Man:  Hey mom, how are you?
Mom:  I’m good.
Man:  What ya doing?
Mom: Well I’ve been watching TV all day but it’s been making my head spin.

Man:  What’ya mean?
Mom: All these ads about Medicare, it’s very confusing.
Man: I’ve read about it, what do you want to know?
Mom: What’s the truth about Romney and Ryan?
Man: Well the Romney Ryan plan does essentially end Medicare, that’s what the Wall Street Journal said.
Mom: I don’t like the sound of that.
Man: What I read said seniors would wind up paying over $6000 dollars more per year.
Mom: That’s a fortune to me.
Man: And Romney would make drastic cuts to Medicaid too, you know two-thirds of seniors rely on Medicaid for nursing home care?
Mom: Boy, that’s scary.
Man: Here mom, I’m on my computer, go to this website, Medicare Romney Ryan Dot Com and have a look for yourself.
Mom:  Okay hon, take care.

     Fortunately, Jeffery is standing guard to bring his apparent brain dead mother up to date on Medicare woes.

      Too bad Jeffery was AWOL from his basement 'pad,' when the Obama Administration wasted no time in FREEZING Social Security increases* for a two year period, shortly after taking office.

     *For the first time since automatic COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments) were instituted in 1975, Social Security beneficiaries did not receive cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) in 2010 and 2011.  In other words, for TWO full years, seniors, like good old Jeffery's mom, did not see one penny added to her already meager annual income.  How much did that cut in mom's benefits amount to Jeffery.  Apparently that action did not offend, or concern you--of course not, it happened under a newly elected Democratic President.

     Actually Jeffery was not alone as he watched dear old, destitute mom open a can of Friskie's cat food, to enjoy her rationed one meal of the day. And where was AARP?  Why weren't S.E.I.U members marching on Washington protesting this injustice enveloping old goats like me?  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Reverends Jackson/Sharpton, dancing Vaginas, Madonna, Cher, Bill Mahar, nags at The View, Gloria Allred, and of course, no list of hypocrites would be complete without 'old shiver up his leg, Chris Matthews.'  CRICKETS, CRICKETS, CRICKETS.

     November 6th can not arrive soon enough for me and my fellow greys here in God's waiting room.  How unfortunate for Jeffery--should have taken Romney/Ryan's advice on how to fix and maintain these now, necessary entitlement programs, instead of clinging to 'Hope and Change' bedtime stories.
  Oh well, dear old destitute mom and I won't be around.....
Your problem, Jeffery! 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of these proud Americans went on to become President of the United States of America

3rd kid from left: Obama in Jr. High


The world is on fire; this guy hides behind a few skirts, rather than meeting with world leaders now gathered in New York at the United Nations.

Obama does a guest gig on The View, yet again!
     Even the least inquisitive among Obama supporters have to wonder why would this man, supposedly leader of the most powerful country on the face of this planet, deliberately refuse to meet with his counterparts, in the very same city where he makes time to appear on a two bit television program, The View.

     President's spokesman:  “If he met with one leader, he would have to meet with 10.”

     And there are actually people allowed to vote in this country who will cast their ballot to re-elect this man as President of the United States of America.  Shame on You!

Seems like just yesterday when Americans trusted the Media

Jim Lehrer of PBS, scheduled to lead 1st 2012 Presidential Debate
     Is Jim Lehrer of PBS, who has moderated 11 of the past 35 Presidential Debates, really so professional at what he does? Are we to believe, Sesame Street fans have joined ranks with the Occupy Wall Street gang, and are clamoring for his return time after time?  Maybe by popular demand of Kermit and Miss Piggy, or perhaps, as some speculate, allegedly because, and only perhaps, he deals his best hand to the Democrat this case, of course, Barack Obama.

     Coincidentally, Leherer also moderated the first Presidential debate in 2008 between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain

     Someone told me, they got word from some person's brother-in-law in St. Louis, who passed along the message to a milkman in Dayton who heard from some guy, (something similar to Harry Reid hearing from a mythical spirit about Mitt Romney not paying his Federal Income taxes for numerous years)...Now, I'm not entirely certain this buzz is true, but "IT IS OUT THERE," during this very crucial debate, a special set-up line reportedly was agreed upon by handlers from the Obama campaign and an 'insider' for the debate.

     In any event, 'this guy says,' "The timing of the line’s use was to be signaled by the moderator himself to candidate Obama."*

     If the accusations are indeed, even remotely noteworthy, would you not assume this alleged illicit conduct of cheating would, and should have been investigated as blatant collusion between the Obama campaign and ultimately, "MISTER MOST POPULAR MODERATOR HIMSELF',  JIM LEHRER.  (Lehrer defenders will most certainly insist their 'news boy,' is as clean as the wind blown snow, but you can not have it both ways without the moderator 'being a part of this ploy.'  Remember, to pull off this charade, "the line’s use was to be signaled by the moderator himself to candidate Obama.")*
     Ultimately, one most important question begs to be answered by these alleged cheating Democrats and producers of this cycle's events,  WILL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF?
Lehrer, CNN's Crowley and CBS's Schieffer
     Have no fear, because if old Jim is light on the pepper, no doubt one of the other two (more Liberal) debate moderators will be there to add their own personal unbiased ingredients to the pot.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Staying ahead of the pack!

     When this blog took on a life of its own several years ago, it was my intention to entertain and inform those who were kind enough to take time out of their busy lives and read the thoughts of a counterpart.

     Prior to Obiter Dictum, there was a fore runner blog-brother, if you will, entitled simply "Greefire."  The name evolved from a former business, where I took refuge for some 15 years in Pennsylvania.

     After moving to Florida, and changing internet providers, the "Greenfire" data was sent packing (somewhere out there in the world wide web), therefore leading to a new beginning--a new blog, Obiter Dictum and with a different assignment.  Granted, we are no competition for sites like Drudge Report, but I am proud in bragging about our over 15,000 people 'taking a look,' since opening for business.

     Staying ahead of the curve has always been my pursuit; hoping to bring you, my readers, little tidbits of information and occasionally breaking news, but at the end of the day, staying ahead of the pack.

     Unfortunately I did not intentionally select the current direction this blog has taken; namely what seems like a daily Obama report, but because we are so close to a most important election, it has become necessary to bring all sorts of Presidential  election related news to my readers.

     A very good example of Obiter Dictum being ahead of the curve came with a blog entry less than one year after Barack Obama assumed the office of President of the United States.  His words, actions and outlook for this country, did not in any way align themselves with what I was taught to believe as an American citizen.  Quite frankly, he seemed to be approaching his new position with more of a dictatorial attitude, rather than a public servant.  So with a little humor, speckled with a whole lot of truth I made this entry: October 16, 2009

     If you don't recognize the aircraft, of course it is Air Force One, with a fairly new Commander in Chief ascending the stairway to this mammoth piece of modern machinery.  Nothing really unusual about a picture like this; many prior Presidents
probably were pictured making a similar climb, thousands of time with those photos appearing without notice or mention.  However, with this man, it just seemed different to me.  Other Presidents seemed to view this beautiful aircraft as a borrowed luxury, compliments of the American taxpaying public.  But for this guy, it was not the same.  In my mind, if he could, at that very moment, he would have replaced that venerated Presidential seal with a 'Big "O"', symbolizing his new found power.  Screaming in silence, I AM NOW IN COMMAND!

     I'd like to think my caption was almost prophetic:


     Why do I bring this golden oldie back for review?  Just recently the Obama Campaign committee actually had the audacity to offer the following for sale on its official Re-elect Barack Obama campaign website:

     Due to public outrage criticizing this desecration of our American Flag, this is what you will find if attempting to purchase the 'Obama Flag' at their website:


Let us finish cleaning up this mess on November 6, 2012, by sending an adult and, an irrefutable patriotic American President back to OUR White House.

BUYING VOTES or The American Presidency reaches a new LOW


Barack (post-menopause) Obama

Obama quoted as saying on The View: “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”
This would be a cue for those reading here now, to immediately skirt off to the bathroom and deposit contents of your stomach therein!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Truth is relative...I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

James Carville--Political strategist

     Perhaps you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years and do not recognize this guy...this is James Carville, Bill Clinton's 'main squeeze.'  Matter of fact, most political experts agree, Carville, probably more than any single individual, is responsible for guiding William Jefferson Clinton's landmark bid for the office of President of the United States of America.  

     Whatever your personal opinion of Carville, there can be little doubt he makes no attempt, at least in this quote, to mask who and what the Democratic Party of the 21st Century is all about, and how they view their 'herd!'  You might want to show this to some of your Liberal Democrat friends.  Surely this information is nothing new to Conservative political watchers--we have been aware of this all along,  

     The former Democratic party and all its henchmen view their herd as nothing more than children, awaiting instructions on how they should conduct their daily lives.  

      We knew it all along, but now someone from their own ranks has confirmed our beliefs!

 James Carville --Quote:

“Ideologies aren't all that important. What's important is psychology.

The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That's why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don't have a clue as to political reality.
What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn't have a clue than there were Republicans.

Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you're smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That's why I'm a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

― James Carville --

Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes Virginia, Biden is next in line, behind that other guy, who last election said he campaigned in all 57 States!

Do you think Joe Biden ever thinks before he talks 

Biden on cheerleaders: ‘The stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind’

     Vice President Joe Biden may have stuck his foot in his mouth again on Friday, using an awkward off-the-cuff phrase to compliment high school cheerleaders during a campaign stop.
     According to a pool report from Biden’s stop at Newport High School in Newport, N.H., the vice president arrived to talk to “about 100 students in their sports uniforms waiting for him in a semi-circle.”
“He cradled a football under his arm as he spoke,” the pool report, written by The New York Times’ Trip Gabriel, reads. “He began by asking which teams were represented — football, soccer, lacrosse and cross-country. Any others? He asked. ‘Cheerleaders,’ a group of girls shouted.”
“Guess what, the cheerleaders in college are the best athletes in college, Biden said. “You think, I’m joking, they’re almost all gymnasts, the stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind.”

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