Friday, March 8, 2013

Good things come in 3's

days of pigging out on Kim-chi
are numbered! 
 Kim Jong Un
North Korea's porky boy-leader

     Some tyrants just don't know when to shut-up!  Some observers believe Kim Jong Un, boy-wonder-in-his-own-mind,  Commandant of North Korea is about to 'find out the hard way!'

     According to, "he 'has already threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S., adding it will retaliate with 'crushing strikes' if enemies intrude into its territory 'even an inch and fire even a single shell'."

     Note to Mister Kim Jong Un; it is one thing to saber rattle when you join the ranks of the 'big boys,' but when you are barely out of diapers (very big diapers), your words should be chosen carefully when threatening to pull off a Pearl-Harbor-like hit on San Francisco, or whatever other area you might believe your big fire cracker might strike.     Anyway, here's a little head's up Kim--YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE--don't be surprised if one day soon, one of those ecstatic troops depicted in these photos, suddenly steps up to you and says,   "안녕히계세요-FAT BOY!"
     Just sayin' Kimmy, but the cheering, smiling, praising, troops you see through those pudgy little eyes, have starving families back in the rice paddies they call home.  Yeah Porky--YOU'RE DEAD!  You may be walking and breathing, but--YOU ARE DEAD!  You just don't know it yet.  (Third guy from the end--fourth row back--he's really CIA--yup, YOU'RE DEAD)!  Actually, that would probably account for all this joy among the troops....they know the 'third guy for the end--fourth row back' is really CIA and are aware he is about to place some lead in your head!  

     They say stuff comes in threes.  Now that they have taken out the garbage in Venezuela with the untimely death of their beloved leader Hugo Chavez, the much anticipated departure of Fidel, perhaps you will be number three!
      .............ANYWAY......SEE YA!

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