Saturday, March 2, 2013

When conflicting personalities collide within an individual, we are stuck with .......

PRESIDENT OBAMA: "I am not a dictator; I'm the president.*
     Unfortunately what we have in Barack Obama is a man who is unable to deal with his inner 'Conflicting Personalities.'  We probably all know someone like Barack Obama, and learn to deal with these 'high conflict people.' (HCP)

     In an excellent article written by Bill Eddy, the author concludes, "With High Conflict People, the high-conflict pattern of behavior is the issue, including a lot of:
                              All-or-nothing thinking
                              Unmanageable emotions
                              Extreme behaviors
                              Blaming others 

We have witnessed some, if not all, of these behavior patterns in the past four years, and with each passing day, this man is having a difficult time hiding his many struggling personalities.  'All or nothing thinking and Blaming others' have literally become his trademarks.   And as Eddy points out:

"All-or-nothing thinking: HCPs tend to see conflicts in terms of one simple solution rather than taking time to analyze the situation, hear different points of view and consider several possible solutions. Compromise and flexibility seem impossible to them, as though they could not survive if things did not turn out absolutely their way. They often predict extreme outcomes if others do not handle things the way that they want. And if friends disagree on a minor issue, they may end their friendships on the spot – an all-or-nothing solution.
Blaming others: HCPs stand out, because of the intensity of their blame for others – especially for those closest to them or in authority positions over them. For them, it is highly personal and feels like they might not survive if things don’t go their way. So they focus on attacking and blaming someone else and find fault with everything that person does, even though it may be quite minor or non-existent compared to the high-conflict behavior of the HCP. In contrast to their blame of others, they can see no fault in themselves and see themselves as free of all responsibility for the problem. If you have been someone’s target of blame, you already know what I’m talking about. They also blame strangers, because it is so easy. On the Internet, they can be anonymous and make the most extreme statements. Even if they know you, there is a sense of distance and safety, so that extremely blaming statements can flow."

     Blames Bush, Blames Congress, Blames Republicans, Blames FOX News, Blames Tea Party, Blames Right Wing commentators, Blames unmonitored internet pundits, Blames the FOUNDING FATHERS, Blames the Constitution, BLAMES, BLAMES BLAMES.

     Ultimately, BLAME for everyone and everything, but NEVER Blame directed at himself for his own apparent unrecognizable flaws and weaknesses!

     Fortunately we will never personally have face-to-face contact with this conflicted individual, but as a result of his own personality disorders, our nation and our children's future is bleak. 

     Do not expect this man to accept responsibility for America's demise, because in his mind, someone else is always 'to blame' for his mistakes and deficiencies.  Treat him as you would an undisciplined toddler--clean up his mess, and prepare for the worst, which regrettably is still on this nation's horizon.

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