Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Benghazi report: Trinkets of treason" -- Douglas J. Hagmann and Canada Free Press

      "We are witnessing one of the biggest government cover-ups since Watergate. A cover-up that involves murder, arms trafficking, and lies by high ranking officials under oath."
    According to Douglas J. Hagmann, opining at Canada Free Press, "It involves the murderous attacks in Benghazi, and congressional investigators just released a 46-page interim progress report that at least exposes Hillary Rodham Clinton and the White House lying under oath. Where’s the accountability? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media?"  
      Read this insightful article in its entirety at Canada Free Press.  The link is

(our opinion follows)
     Who will forget the indignation we witnessed when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, testified before a Senate committee, investigating what went wrong in Benghazi.

     Many political observers now believe Hillary Rodham is nothing more than a pathological liar, covering her 'own ass,' and thinking first and foremost of grabbing that sacred Presidential brass ring, which eluded her in 2008.

     Four Americans murdered, and Rodham's only desire is to 'move on,' because after all, how these Americans died really did not matter.


     Tell that to the families of these FOUR DEAD AMERICANS Hillary--we find difficulty in believing the wives and parents of these murdered patriots take comfort in knowing you and your boss Barack, thought nothing more of their loved ones ultimate sacrifice than simply a 'bump in the road.'  So yes, 'we must move on.'

     And now, Hillary's successor as Secretary of State, John Kerry (another former Presidential-wannabe)
 also appears to have memorized the Obama Administration's cover-up game plan.                              
     To these arrogant elites, 'does it really matter,' and we must move on because there are so many other more important issues which now challenge us.  The inconvenience of this murderous tragedy did not fit THEIR AGENDA.

     Perhaps Barack Obama could have used some of these same words when consoling the grief stricken parents at Sandy Hook; The 'consoler-in-chief' telling THOSE their children died 'didn't really matter,' and quite frankly, all this mourning--'time to move on,' because more important issues were on his political card. (Such as being the first sitting U-S President to  deliver a speech to Planned Parenthood, said to be the nation's largest abortion provider).

     Maybe 'Sitting' was a poor choice of words to describe this uncompromising supporter of ABORTION.  Especially when pictures like the one below openly displayed the man truly expressing such a 'LOVE FOR LITTLE KIDS'

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