Sunday, April 14, 2013

IN OBAMA's WORLD...Who will be his next guest commentator? Trayvon Martin's mother....perhaps

 In Obama's world--I have an agenda, and I will USE anyone and any tactic to achieve my goal, regardless of its popularity among American people!

"Obama Exploits Grieving Sandy Hook Mother in Weekly Address"*


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On Saturday, President Obama handed over the camera and teleprompter to the mother of a victim of Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza. Explaining his exploitative choice via email to his entire email list


In Obama's world--I have an election to win--no one will interfere with my objective--another four years--In my journey, your son's grave is merely a bump in the road toward that goal!

 "Benghazi Mom: “I Was Told That I’m Causing a Lot of Problems and To Shut Up”**

Before last year’s election, Patricia Smith, the mother of murdered Benghazi mission officer Sean Smith, spoke forcefully about getting to the truth of what happened.
Patricia Smith, the mother of slain State Department employee Sean Patrick Smith, is now blaming President Barack Obama for her son’s death.....The President? I cried on his shoulder. And I was crying there and he’s patting me on the back and looking around to who he’s gonna talk to next. So I didn’t feel any comfort there. Hillary? I cried on her shoulder also, but she paid a little attention to me then walked off.
     That’s the reason I keep opening my mouth about it. I want someone to admit it so that it won’t happen again. So that there’s safety there.





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