Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Once upon a time, the White House Press Corps held presidents to account; but that was before pant-creases trumped policy, hope mangled honesty, and the water in the press-room was spiked with Kool-aid whose magical qualities have neutering effects." *

     Viewing a White House media question and answer briefing social gathering, has become an unbearable, and painful experience--especially when a Communist activist Democrat Bolshevik occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
     Gone are the days when an articulate and humble Presidential spokes person appeared before media inquisitors, waiting patiently in anticipation of tearing into the Presidents mouthpiece, fantasizing with hallucinatory visions of striking pay dirt with a Pulitzer Prize winning interrogatory question.

      Greg Halvorson, writing at Canada Free Press, hits the nail on its head when describing the so-called White House Press Corp; "Watching them, listening to them, was like watching and listening to mesmerized cultists in utter awe of their metaphysical master."  

     Halvorson illustrates the absurd with some equally, and humorously absurd 'sample questions' specially tailored for this giant of a man who humbles himself by occasionally walking amongst mere mortals.

  1.  Mr. President, why are you so awesome and why do you smell so good?
    2.  Mr. President, would it be possible for you to sign a picture for my daughter, so she can bring it to her school for show-and-tell?
    3.  Mr. President, are your feet as pretty as your hands? … You have beautiful hands, something I don’t think people fully appreciate.
    4.  Mr. President, now that the ObamaCare exchanges are up and running PERFECTLY, are you impressed that over 100 million Americans have signed up and are LOVING this super efficient and well-run program?
    5.  Mr. President, why do you think Republicans hate children, seniors, blacks, Latinos, the middle-class and the poor?
    6.  Mr. President, THANK YOU for taking my question — I don’t have one, but I just wanted to THANK YOU for speaking to me. 

is mandatory....
(Bowing permissible to those with bum knees)!

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