Friday, December 20, 2013

"White House Hires John Podesta, A Crisis Manager, Easing Democratic Worries" -- 
Photo: Huffington Post 

     NPR (National Public Radio) describes this latest inductee to the White House list of passing acquaintances as "a Democratic wise man."  Which we suppose in the spirit of this holiday season, he couldn't be more welcomed--now more than ever, especially since he arrived bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
                   And perhaps a half empty tool box, if you get my drift.

     Democrats, especially mastermind stand-outs such as Nancy Pelosi, ("we have to pass Obamacare bill, to find out whats in it"),   Sheila Jackson-Lee, (She visited Jet Propulsion Laboratory and asked if the Mars Rover would be able to show “the flag the astronauts planted there before”), and who could forget Congressman  Hank Johnson,  who was worried the Island of Guam might be victim of capsizing, saying "My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated (with American troops) that it will tip over and capsize,"  
     These three Democrat geniuses are probably most excited about an issue which might top Podesta's priority list.


     Unidentified Flying Objects are not the sole area of expertise for Podesta.

     Many financial circles are abuzz about Podesta's common sense thinking when it comes to the economy.  Asked by the Financial Times to comment on the health of the American political system in 2010, Podesta replied “it sucks.”

     We don't know about you guys, but with thinkers such as Podesta now in the White House, 2014 looks to be a very interesting year indeed!

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