Sunday, April 27, 2014

By the time Hillary Rodham Clinton finally announces her offical run for the Presidency, the Liberal media will have her decked out wearing a nun's habit and visibly carrying her bible during campaign stops
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     Most Americans really don't give a damn whether Hillary Clinton runs for President of the United States or president of her local cookie baking klatch.

     This week you will be reading about Hillary's worshiping a higher being--and no, we are not referring to her love for
the mother of Planned Parenthood  Margaret Sanger--and next week she will be tailed by her own band of worshiping media folk, as she dashes from store to store shopping for toddler pant-suit outfits for her anticipated granddaughter, or grandson, for that matter.
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     The love fest officially got under way today when we noticed this Associated Press headline praising the former Secretary of State's deep-rooted faith in caring for her fellow man...but more likely, Women.

"For Hillary Clinton, faith means 
caring for others"  *


                                       .....CARING FOR OTHERS? 
                       Are you kidding us!!!

     Fortunately, the Associated Press apparently did not channel Pope Benedict, or today Christians around the world would have been celebrating, not only the beatification of two former Popes, but most certainly, these newly inducted glorified souls, would be standing in the shadows of Saint Hillary.
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