Saturday, May 17, 2014

An entirely NEW meaning to 'Fantasy Football?'

     Admittedly, these observations are totally uncalled for, but we know some really seriously, die-hard 'fantasy football' enthusiast who we've been waiting patiently for a moment such as this....for no other reason than to in-your-face piss them off.

      Now that professional football officially has its first openly gay player, drafted last week by the National Football League's St. Louis Rams, we are wondering if this historic stratagem will have any noticeable affect on the fan's most direct involvement to the game--fantasy football.

     Obviously the Rams now have Michael Sam on it's payroll, by what about the fantasy football draft?  Who will be the first brave participant to make a bid for the first openly gay NFL player?  Acquiring Sam, certainly might have some very favorable side effects.  Maybe, just like Michael Sam, you may get an offer from Oprah Winfrey (who is definitely not gay) to host your very own reality TV show.  Or, if you really strike gold, that very next phone call you might be receiving could be from, none other than the Commander in Chief himself, Barack Obama (who also, is definitely not gay) congratulating you on your monumental achievement and pointing out how courageous you are to attach yourself to Michael Sam.

     Any way you view this red-letter day, everyone seems to be a winner.  The President, Oprah Winfrey--who both, are absolutely not gay--the NFL, of course, the gay community, boys in the locker room, and perhaps even fantasy football players.  Although, there are those who believe, that aspect of the sport, might be overshadowed by other more exciting endeavors, such as year-round Trekkie conventions.

     According to Sean Evans, writing at Complex Sports"Football is more or less a religion in this country. It doesn't matter if you're talking to Roger Goodell or Barbara Walters, pretty much every American can name the receiving corps for the Seattle Seahawks and give you a tactical means of ending the referee lockout. When you scoff like a prick when someone says they drafted Matt Ryan in the first round, understand that you look like B.J. Raji's jock smells—only more revolting.

     Developing an expert knowledge of fantasy football is like constructing your own authentically detailed, true to scale Optimus Prime costume for Comic-Con. It's a lot of time and effort devoted to something that impresses no one and, if anything, provides an exact measurement for how pathetic your life has become." *

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