Monday, May 5, 2014

Born Liar -- 'It's in (her) DNA'

     "While you are working 60 hours a week and borrowing money to send your kids to college, your kids will be sleeping good chunks of the day, relaxing on the weekends, and enjoying the blissful pleasures of the lazy life for another four years until the real world hits." *

     Besides, why bother when your kids know think they are smarter than you, their parents, anyway.

     There are dreadful consequences as a result of CHILD WISDOM.  A perfect example is this:
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     Ask just about any 13 - 18 year old, and they will tell you, in the above picture,  Barack Obama is displaying a cool, assertive form of 'swagger' by plopping his dog feces laden shoes on the Presidential oval office desk.  Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, reportedly refused to enter that same office without wearing a 'coat and tie,' in order to pay proper respect to this nation's most distinguished position.

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     Obviously, Mitt Romney didn't have 'swagger,' otherwise we might now be living in a much different America.  Instead, we have a dysfunctional government, operated by dysfunctional people--most of whom have not departed from that 13-18 age mentality and fail to realize practically every bit of information they were spoon fed during their educational process was a deliberate and concocted lie, conjured up by some hidden force which is even too complicated for the smartest among our lot to ever imagine.

     So when your brilliant 18 year old geniuses head to the polls for yet another Presidential election in 2016, will they rely on the reality of what they have witnessed and experienced for the last eight years, or will they depend on that Liberal, Socialist, spoon fed, brain washing they were subjected to during their imaginative filled days at college.  Influenced primarily by pseudo-educators, who themselves are a product of  that 'age of Aquarius' thinking which envisioned individuals being brought into this world with life's instructions stamped on their ass.  

     It is probably anyone's guess whether they have learned anything by their mistakes made in 2008 when helping to elect someone with 'swagger,' rather than substance.  And will they make the same mistake when heading to the polls in 2016--depending on teachings of self-absorbed wannabe intellectuals, or a maturity generated by experiences from their own past eight years of real life experiences.  “You don't take your cat with you to go bird shopping. Not because the cat isn't polite, but because he's a cat.”**

     Expanding on that thought, imagine how unfortunate it will be for this nation, and perhaps generations of American citizens, those allowed to be born, if we continue to recognize the delusional product of our past by idolizing politicians to be our leaders, who are typically born liars....not because they can be personally responsible for this abnormality, but because it is in their DNA.

     Somewhere between the age of 13 and 18, there is a point where we depart from believing Pooh and Tigger are our only true friends, a thinking that Unicorns will suddenly come galloping into our life and carry us to that always unattainable pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Peter Pan was nothing more than the product of an overly imaginative mind, and all the pixie dust floating down on mankind will never cover up mistakes made by past generations of those depending on 'child wisdom' to lead this nation.

      “You can't change where you came from, but you can change where you go from here.”
                                                                                 ― Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake

** Jim Butcher, Changes at

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