Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Remember 'the good old days' when Obama's devoted flock (better known as the 'gimme gang') bubbled over with euphoria.....

.....THAT WAS THEN.....*
via You Tube:  James T Harris 

.....THIS IS NOW..... 
via You Tube  Rebel Pundit 

Someone should alert Eric Holder.....
.....sounds like a whole lotta
'Racial Animus'
going on here!
It would appear that the
chicken indeed came home to roost, securely ensconced behind those protective iron gates at the White House.
Sadly, for the
'gimme gang,' the
has other plans for that 
golden egg!

    Hopefully, this entire personal hero episode can be put behind you and consider this a wonderful learning experience. 

Fortunately you are not walking away 
via You Tube:   RealFreedom1776

 This is what the same woman (featured in video clip #1) has to say
today about that man, she now compares to the little master of illusion, behind the curtain in
the Wizard of Oz 
Via: You Tube:  Joel Gilbert

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